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  • A beautiful, simplistic design makes the UNO Minimalista deck completely unique. Warleson Oliviera's minimalistic design for UNO was brought from concept to reality by Mattel in less than 30 days! Game play is like classic UNO. Players match cards using color and numbers. Wild and challenge cards can change the momentum of the game.
  • For those interested, the new Uno Minimalista pack will soon be available at various retailers for roughly $10 USD. Elsewhere in card games, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on.
  • But UNO Minimalista will soon be for about $15, and it should be easy to spot on store shelves with its equally sleek packaging featuring a streamlined and cleaner version of the UNO logo.

UPDATE: Uno Minimalista is now available for purchase. Buy Uno Minimalista Now!

Since its creation by graphic designer Warleson Oliveira, Uno Minimalista has been in high demand by fans. In fact, fan demand led Mattel to announce in February 2020 that it would officially release Uno Minimalista. However, Mattel did not initially specify a release date for Uno Minimalista. Read below for the latest information on Uno Minimalista's release.

As you can imagine, the general response to Mattel's announcement mirrors our own: shut up and take our money. Unfortunately, details are scarce on exactly when Uno Minimalista is arriving, with the UNO.

What is Uno Minimalista?

Uno Minimalista begin as a fan concept, created by graphic designer Warleson Oliveira. Oliveira posted his design of Uno Minimalista on his Instagram account. The post quickly went viral and gathered a huge following among Uno fans. Uno Minimalista's design is minimalist in nature, meaning that the colors are plain, there is no text besides what is essential (the Uno logo on the back of the cards), and the symbols on the cards are very basic, yet elegant. Even the box art features the large Uno logo and little else (not even mentioning the name 'Uno Minimalista'). According to Mattel, Warleson Oliveira’s minimalistic Uno design was taken from concept to reality in less than a month.

Uno Minimalista's Release Date

When Mattel announced Uno Minimalista, it only indicated that it would be released in 2020, without providing any real timeframe. Given that many Uno games are released during the summer months, many speculated that Uno Minimalista would follow the same trend.

Un post condiviso da UNO (@uno) in data:

On July 27, 2020, the official Uno card game Twitter account tweeted that Uno Minimalista was coming soon.

#UNOMinimalista is coming.

— UNO (@realUNOgame) July 27, 2020Amazon

Following this announcement, it became possible to preorder Uno Minimalista. The Target preorder lists the release date for Uno Minimalista as September 7, 2020. Slotomania free casino slots.

Amazon similarly confirms that Uno Minimalista will release on September 7, 2020. Unless things change, it is safe to say that Uno Minimalista will release on September 7, 2020. In the meantime, you can pre-order Uno Minimalista here.

Buy Uno Minimalista

It is fully expected that Uno Minimalista will be available from all major retailers once it releases on Sept. 7, 2020. For now, it is available to pre-order from Amazon. Enjoy!

People all over Reddit and the internet are going crazy over this new Minimalist Uno Concept – Uno Minimalista.

Designer Warleson Oliveira has actually produced a principle style for card game Minimalist Uno, and its stunning simpleness is proving very popular on social media.

The brand-new style for the traditional video game is an individual task by Oliveira, who is based in Brazil. He” s streamlined the logo, included block colours, and decreased the symbols on the cards to easy lays out. He” s also eliminated the picky design found on the reverse of the pack, and changed it with a dark background, producing a sort of Minimalist Uno Dark Mode. There” s even a stylish brand-new box– a cool piece of product packaging design that gives the project that extra edge.

As individual jobs go, it” s an excellent one. It” s a fully thought about idea and all the different elements of the video game have been thought of. Oliveira has actually even made some cool little animations, which he shared on social media (see below). Maybe not remarkably, designers around the globe have reacted favorably, with many recommending Oliveira needs to speak with Mattel, who offer the game, about getting it produced. Others want to buy the design for Minimalist Uno, and are asking where they can do so.

Uno Minimalista Buying

Although the present UNO style is renowned, there have actually been updates with time. An UNO Braille set was launched at the end of in 2015, and there are also numerous other versions of the video game, including colour blind available UNO, UNO Emoji and UNO Finding Dory. Who understood?

Uno Minimalista Buy

Perhaps if enough people get in touch with Mattel, the slick new UNO may become a thing, and we’ll all start pulling classy black boxes out of our bags, ready for a game of UNO in the pub. Until then check out other amazing Minimal Designs!