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Tripoley Game

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The game of tripoley is a table card game that is made of a combination of card games including hearts, poker and michigan rummy.

Ideal Tripoley The Game of Michigan Rummy, Hearts and Poker Deluxe Mat Edition Card Game $24.56, Family favorite game for 75 yearsCombines Michigan Rummy, Hearts and PokerDesigned for 2-9-playersIncludes a 100 Tripoley chips, 2 sided 24x24 inch deluxe felt mat, card deck and instructions in English and SpanishRecommended for people 8 years of. Ready to discover a new card game? If you already know how to play Hearts, Poker and Rummy then you will be able to easily learn the game known as play Tripoley. Interestingly enough, the game is over 75 years-old and was marketed by the Cadaco Company in the U.S. As early as 1935.

Designer:Stanley Hopkins
Players: 2+
Length:45 to 60 minutes

Before you play Tripoley

Objective for Tripoley

Tripoley is a card table game consisting of a combination of three different mini-games, after the initial betting has been made.

  • Game One, Play a game of Hearts
  • Game Two: Play a game of Poker
  • Game Three: Play a game of Michigan Rummy

Setting up Tripoley

Tripoley will need the following

  • 52 Card Deck without Jokers
  • Tripoley Placemat Recommended
  • Chips for Betting

Setup the game in a few steps

  • Setup empty betting spaces in a circle with a poker pot in the middle as followed. View Image example.
  • Betting area for 10 of Hearts
  • Betting area for J of Hearts
  • Betting area for Q of Hearts
  • Betting area for K of Hearts
  • Betting area for A of Hearts
  • Betting area for 8-9-10 Cards
  • Betting area for All One of a Kind Suite
  • Betting area for Q and K of Hearts
  • Betting area for Kitty (Pot is for winner of Michigan Rummy)
  • Betting area for Poker Pot in the middle

When does Tripoley end?

A round of tripoley is over after the three phases of the game are complete and the respective winners have been paid out.

How to play Tripoley?

Tripoley Game

Phase 1: Dealer + Betting

  • Everyone playing this round bets one chip onto every section
  • Choose a person to be dealer for the first round.
  • Dealer shuffles the cards and deals all the cards per player plus an extra spare hand
    • Ex: if there are 5 people at the table, there should be 6 sets of hands
  • Dealer can choose to switch their hand with the extra spare hand without looking at new cards.

Phase 2: Play a game of Hearts

Tripoley Game Ebay

  • All players look at their hand
  • Players with Heart cards then match the betting pot for the given card, they then receive the chips they are awarded.
    • Players only with both King and Queen can get the respective chips
    • If the 8, 9 and 10 hearts are split amongst players, so are the chip winnings.
  • After the game of hearts is complete, a game of poker is played.

Phase 3: Play a game of Poker

  • Players create a poker hand based on the cards they have
  • Original dealer with the first round of betting.
  • Winner with the best hand gets the chips bet this round and the chips found on the pot for poker in the center.
  • After the game of poker, move on to Michigan Rummy

Phase 4: Play a game of Michigan Rummy

  • Dealer starts the game of Michigan Rummy with the lowest card in their hand
  • Next available player with the next highest card playing in the same suit
  • This continues until nobody can play another card for the same suit
  • Next round starts with the last player who played the last card on the previous suit, they play the lowest card of another suit.
  • The steps continue as above until all suits have been played
  • The person who gets rid of of all the cards first gets the “Kitty” pot of chips plus an additional chip from every player for each card that player still has.

Phase 5: Starting a New Round

  • The player to the left of the previous dealer is the new dealer for the round
  • Game play continues as normal including betting one chip per section

Finishing Tripoley

Game End Conditions

The game of Tripoley keeps on playing until it is decided to be finished or one player wins all the chips

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the winning hands for Poker for Tripoley?

  • Straight Flush – Cards in ascending order form the same suit
  • Four of A Kind – 4 of the same card value
  • Full House – 3 of a kind plus tow of a kind
  • Flush – All of the same suit
  • Straight – Cards in ascending order regardless of suit
  • Three of a Kind – 3 cards of the same value
  • Two Pair – 2 separate sets of cards of the same value
  • One Pair – One pair of cards of the same value
  • High Card – Highest value card in hand

What does it take to win the Kitty Pot?

The Kitty pot is awarded to the player who wins the final phase of Tripoley, the game of Michigan Rummy.

What does it take to win the King/Queen Pot?

You must have BOTH King and Queen can get the respective chips in the pot

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Tripoley Game For Sale

What if multiple people have 8, 9 and 10 hearts for the pot?

The winnings are distributed as even as possible. Any extras can either be given to a player or saved for the next round.

What happens if someone doesn’t win a pot?

The pot carries over to the new game with players addtion more to the pot during the betting phase.

Tripoley Game Board Design

References for Rules