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Solitaire: TriPeaks. By Masque Publishing. Create a long chain to conquer the connected card pyramids and reach the high-scoring peaks. Your Gaming History. Your game will start. Tripeaks Solitaire This new version of Solitaire is definitely here to shake things up! Cards are stacked in peaks that must be cleared in the same way that you might clear a regular Solitaire deck. Trust us, its not as easy as it seems. TriPeaks Solitaire Moves: 0 Time: 0 Score: 0 Autoplay only winning moves Enable Autoplay only for winning moves (available on some games) Autoplay all possible moves Enable Autoplay on foundation moves (available on some games) Fullscreen mode Enables Fullscreen mode when you start playing.


Move all cards to the single Foundation pile by playing cards one higher or lower.

The Deal

Using one deck, 28 cards are dealt to the layout in the shape of three pyramids. The Foundation is dealt one card.


The foundation may be built UP or DOWN in ANY SUIT. For example, if the Foundation is showing a 5, then a 4 or 6 may be played onto it. An Ace may be played on a King and a King may be placed on an Ace.

When play comes to a standstill or sooner if desired, you may flip a card from the Stock and it is placed in the Foundation. Then you may continue.


Tripeaks Free

Layout Cards

Only cards that are completely uncovered may be moved to the Foundation.


Real payout games. 23 cards remain in the Stock after the deal. Cards may be flipped one at a time from the Stock as desired. Usually, cards are flipped because no more plays are available. There are no redeals.

Tripeaks Logistics

The more cards remaining in the Stock when the game is won, the more points added to your score. For example, if you win the game and 5 cards remain in the Stock, your score would be 52 + 5 = 57 points.