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Sports Gambling Websites

The online sportsbook industry is filled with options when it comes to betting on teams and games. Just like any industry; some do their job much better than others. Our mission is to break this industry down on a book by book basis and our goal is to find the best online betting sites for US players.

The best way to get involved in sports betting is to pick from the best online betting sites. Sports betting online is already a business for a litany of companies, but there are a few that have differentiated themselves as the top user experiences in this growing business.The top sites include the following: Bovada; BetOnline; MyBookie; Making the choice. Jan 22, 2021 Finding the best online sports betting site can be challenging. As legal sports betting options become more prevalent, both dedicated bettors and everyday sports fans are looking for the best online sportsbooks and betting apps. We’ve reviewed 228 online betting sites and spent hundreds of hours identifying the top sites for betting on sports.

In the table below, you'll find our top rated sportsbooks and welcome offers We will continue adding more great offers and reviews as states continue to legalize online sports betting, so check back often!

Top Online Sportsbooks Betting Offers

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RankSportsbooksWelcome OfferLegal StatesBet Now
Visit Review
Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000
T&C’s Apply, 21+
Available in
Visit Review
Multiple Risk Free Bet Offers
T&C’s Apply, 21+
Available in
Visit Review
Up To A $500 Risk-Free Bet
T&C’s Apply, 21+
Available in
Visit Review
Risk-Free Bet up to $600
T&C’s Apply, 21+
Available in

In order to place bets on these sportsbooks, you must be in a state in which sports betting is regulated and where the corresponding sportsbook has a sports betting license. Welcome offers through VegasInsider are currently available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Colorado.

Welcome offers may differ depending on where you register. Please visit the sportsbook using any of our links, change to your location and confirm your welcome bonus offer and requirements before you register.

Sports betting in the United States alone generates billions of dollars of revenue every year. One of the fastest-growing segments of this industry is online sports betting. There is a wide array of online sportsbooks that cater specifically to US players. This makes it easy to generate some action on Sunday’s big game or any other live sporting event. You can also check out which sportsbooks offer Live Stream Betting.

Recent changes in the law have enabled individual states to offer legal sports betting within their borders. Many of these states are also expanding the sports betting market with online access to sports betting sites, with Colorado sports betting and Tennessee sports betting going live, and states like Michigan, Virginia, and Maryland, close to launching online gambling.

To get the freshest US sports betting news and learn about recent developments, you can also check out our weekly industry report from February 2nd 2021 : Weekly Sports Betting News

How We Pick Our Top Sportsbooks

Comprehensive and unbiased online sportsbook reviews are the best source of information for today’s avid bettors. By analyzing online sports betting sites over a wide array of criteria, we can drill down into features they provide. By testing their services, we can verify this information to a very high degree.

With so many online betting options to choose from, sports bettors can benefit from these expert reviews. However, we also recommend that bettors perform a personal search. The ultimate goal is to find a quality online sportsbook that best meets any bettor’s overall sports betting needs.

To make our list as the “best of the best”, simply being good is not good enough. Areas such as overall customer service, betting options, bonuses and incentives and ease of use are closely examined. One of the most important aspects is a bookmaker’s payment record on requested withdrawals.

Everything that goes into running an online sportsbook is under review and graded on an unbiased basis. This adds a very high level of authenticity to every online sportsbook review we produce.

Best Sports Betting Sites 2020

RankBetting SiteBonusLegal InBet Now
1bet365 SportsbookOpen Account OfferNJVisit bet365
2BetMGM SportsbookRisk-Free Bet up to $600CO, IA, IN, MI, NJ, NV, PA, TN, VA, WVVisit BetMGM
3Wynnbet SportsbookUp To A $500 Risk-Free BetCO, MI, NJVisit WynnBet
4FanDuel SportsbookRisk-Free Bet up to $1,000CO, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJ, PA, TN, VA, WVVisit Fanduel
5Unibet SportsbookMultiple Free Bet Offers AvailableIN, NJ, PAVisit Unibet
6PointsBet Sportsbook2 Risk Free Bets to $2,000CO, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJVisit PointsBet
7BetRivers Sportsbook100% Deposit Match up to $250CO, IL, IN, MI, PA, VAVisit BetRivers SportsbookDouble your Deposit Up To $300COVisit SportsBetting
9William Hill SportsbookGet a $500 Risk-Free BetCO, IA, IN, MI, NJ, WVVisit William Hill
10Fox Bet SportsbookSignup Bonus up to $1,000CO, NJ, PAVisit Fox Bet
11Draftkings SportsbookGet a Sign Up Bonus up to $1000CO, IA, IL, IN, MI, NJ, PA, TN, VA, WVVisit Drafkings

Online Sports Betting in the USA: Where is it Legal?

Legality issues when it comes to betting on sports is always a hot topic with US players. This is a global industry that offers legal betting in a number of different jurisdictions.

The Caribbean and Central America were some of the earliest markets. This gave rise to the offshore sportsbooks that started the first online sportsbooks that serviced the US market illegally. However, now that the PASPA act has been lifted, some states are starting to have regulated and legal sports betting. On VegasInsider, we only promote legal sportsbooks, that have active licenses in certain states. Check out our state by state info pages in order to know which ones you can bet on.

As mentioned above, legal sports betting in the US is currently broken down on a state by state level. The federal government still has certain laws on the books aimed at bookmakers (not actual bettors).

Individual states now have the right to determine the legality of sports betting within their borders. Some states are more progressive than others. Utah, Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii have laws on the books prohibiting state-regulated sports wagering. However, in today’s favorable sports betting environment everything is subject to change.

Nevada was the only state with legal sports betting in the US. That all changed in May of 2018 with a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court. This paved the way for more states to join the mix.

Best Online Sports Betting Apps

Today’s sophisticated sports bettor expects more from the bookmaker where they place their sports bets. Major advances in technology and online gambling software have catered to this crowd with advanced online betting apps.

A mobile betting platform allows bettors to manage their online accounts from the ease of any handheld device with internet access. From checking account balances to placing a bet just minutes before kickoff, this has revolutionized the bookmaking industry.

bet365 Sports Betting App

Bet365 sits at the top of the list of the best sports betting platforms worldwide. The app, available for iOS and Android, is easy to download and install. One account grants access to the casino, sportsbook, and a few sections with a few other operators.

A significant feature is the in-play multi-view. Sometimes, swapping between pages and tabs can cause frustration. The application allows you to maintain up to 12 different events on your screen to avoid this problem.

The bet365 notification settings also stand out. You can set reminders for events or matches to stay on top of your betting plans. Also, considering the relatively simplistic and appealing interface, it’s easy to change settings to fit your needs. Additionally, you can access customer support through the app, something essential for players that make a plethora of transactions and bets.

  • Review: bet365 Bonus Code
  • Bonus: $500
  • Bet365 is legal in: NJ, NY
  • iOS review: 3/5

BetMGM Sports Betting App

BetMGM is one of the more unique platforms. With one set of login credentials, you gain access to an online casino, poker, and sports betting. The operator’s application for sports bets, specifically, is fantastic.

The BetMGM app is another example of excellent design and functionality. A comfortable and easy to navigate interface mixed with a healthy amount of settings to tweak make for a fantastic experience. A mobile application should make it simple and straightforward to place bets; BetMGM does just that.

One critique thrown at this operator rather frequently is that it does little to educate and inform its players. While this has no significant impact on the app’s quality, it’s worth considering before joining the platform.

In terms of sports, betting types, and promotions, the BetMGM application does a great job providing plenty for each category.

  • Review: BetMGM Bonus Code
  • Bonus: $500
  • BetMGM is legal in: CO, IA, NJ, MI, NV, WV, IN, VA
  • iOS review: 5/5

FanDuel Sports Betting App

FanDuel stands out with some of the most terrific promotions around. It’s another of the sportsbooks that provides a smooth, seamless experience for users. It’s also considered one of the safest in the industry.

Like a small handful of other operators, it offers a majority of the titles available on the website and the same promotions for the players using the application. Welcome bonuses, for example, are accessible for first-time users signing up on a mobile device.

You can track your winnings, place bets, request withdrawals, and much more, thanks to a clean background makes it easy to read links, odds, and other necessary information.

The betting slip configuration stands out the most. When you select a team, sport, or event to bet on, a slip pops out over the app interface. This provides all the information you need for placing a wager.

  • Review: FanDuel Betting Site
  • Bonus: $1000
  • FanDuel is legal in: NJ, PA, CO, IN, IA, WV, IL, MI, VA
  • iOS review: 4/5

PointsBet Sports Betting App

You can download and install the PointsBet sports betting app on iOS and Android. The interface is complicated and frustrating, to say the least. You can access the deposit, withdrawal, and bonus sections with some ease, but other features are challenging to find. The color scheme is jarring, despite the black background that many consider more appealing.

There’s a stark contrast, though, between the desktop and mobile experience. While there are notable flaws with the app, it’s smoother than the alternative. Yes, betting, depositing and withdrawing funds, and setting notifications, is much easier on the application when compared to the website for desktops.

Despite the visual setbacks, the PointsBet sports betting app is efficient. If you can get past specific frustrating details, you’re left with a fantastic choice for placing wagers on teams, matches, and events.

  • Review: PointsBet Promo Code
  • Bonus: $250
  • PointsBet is legal in: NJ, IA, IL, IN, IO, CO, MI
  • iOS review: 4/5

BetRivers Sports Betting App

BetRivers enters the scene having only a few payment and withdrawal options. The application is also only readily available for Android devices; iOS users need to take extra steps to gain access. It makes up for these issues with plenty of other highpoints.

The BetRivers application itself is fast and responsive. It stuffs all the functionality of the desktop website into a small and easy-to-navigate application. It also makes all the betting markets and sports from the web page available on mobile devices.

A vital feature involves bet slips. These can pop up in the form of smaller windows, and you can minimize them without losing any data you’ve entered. The interface is simple, but some of the colors pop out and make it feel slightly obnoxious. The BetRivers sports betting app matches the minimum expectations for players.

  • Review: BetRivers Promo Code
  • Bonus: $250
  • BetRivers is legal in: PA, IN, CO, WV, MI, VA
  • iOS review: 3/5 Sports Betting App is one of the few platforms that accept cryptocurrency. Although the website is overall fantastic, the application has a few issues. For example, sometimes the resolution is a problem, and images or information might not appear.

Despite its faults, the app is quite comfortable and easy to use. If you can get past the cluttered interface and visual errors, you’ll find a few fantastic features. We recommend accessing the application in landscape mode, as the portrait is uncomfortable. Consider using an above-average device; the app demands a lot from the hardware.

While most of the same events and matches are available on mobile devices through the app, there are sometimes differing bet amounts and types. Regardless, this has minimal impact on the overall experience. It’s basic, but offers more than enough for players of any sort.

  • Review: Sportsbook
  • Bonus: $300 Double your Deposit
  • legal in: CO
  • iOS review: 4/5

William Hill Sports Betting App

William Hill stands as one of the most well-designed and optimized sports betting platforms worldwide. These qualities are on full display with the William Hill app. It’s easy to use, has a fantastic interface, and provides a plethora of information on each screen without feeling cluttered.

You’ll find a smooth blue that sits well next to a white background. The home page allows access to plenty of features on the application. Icons are simple and easy to understand and following different elements is a breeze. You won’t find lag spikes, slow loading times, or freezing with this app.

The William Hill sports betting application boasts one-tap functionality. You can make deposits, withdrawals, and place bets with up to five screen interactions. One of the best components is swipe compatibility. You can drag the screen to access additional options, place bets, and monitor your current wagers.

  • Review: William Hill Promo Code
  • Risk-Free Bet : $500
  • William Hill is legal in: NJ, IA, CO, IL, WV, MI, VA
  • iOS review: 5/5

FoxBet Sports Betting App

FoxBet is another operator that keeps the same bonuses consistent for the website and the mobile app. The application, though, is less appealing than some other platforms. The colors feel jarring, but this is one of the only negatives that come with the app.

The downloading and installation processes are fast and easy, and it’s available for iOS and Android. Upon opening it for the first time, you’ll find the homepage and the current popular wagers. This makes it easy for new players to jump right into the action.

A huge benefit is the wide variety of payment options for the application available on the website. Aside from this, you’ll find a satisfying and engaging rewards program. Playing on your mobile device offers the unique option to add rewards to chests that grow over time.

  • Review: FoxBet Promo Code
  • Bonus: $500
  • FoxBet is legal in: NJ, PN, CO
  • iOS review: 4/5

DraftKings Sports Betting App

DraftKings is known for its excellent interface and easy-to-navigate website. The same qualities are available on the mobile app. You can gain access to the application for devices that run iOS and Android.

We found that the app was easy to install and set up. The overall user experience is excellent. It covers the essentials, along with additional bells and whistles for some extra interactive components and fun.

Ease of use is a priority for gambling on a mobile device. DraftKings provides fantastic useability for players. It’s quick and easy to make deposits, place bets, and request withdrawals. Additionally, you’ll find all the same games and promotions on the app as you would on the site. This level of quality is rare in the market and sets high standards for the competition.

  • Review: DraftKings Sportsbook
  • Bonus: $500
  • DraftKings is legal in: IO, NJ, PN, IN, IL, NH, WV, CO, TN
  • iOS review: 5/5

SugarHouse Sports Betting App

The SugarHouse betting app presents its users with a pretty decent interface. It boasts fast deposits and wagers, along with a simplistic design that appeals to new users. While the company is still struggling with the Apple iOS Store approval, you can download it through third-party websites for Android right now. However, iPhone users can access the platform through a web browser.

The SugarHouse sports betting app excels in deposit and withdrawal methods and stability. However, as many alternatives shine in the same categories, it’s worth noting that this application offers a ton of variety for its users. This is what makes SugarHouse worth a look.

The platform also sprinkled in a few fantastic bonuses and promotions to expand its audience; the competition is quite fierce. For this reason, despite its flaws, it still stands as an excellent right choice.

  • Review: SugarHouse Betting Site
  • Bonus: $250
  • SugarHouse is legal in: NJ, PA
  • iOS review: 3/5

Unibet Sports Betting App

Unibet is one of the largest online gambling operators in the world, with over 16 million customers. After the company debuted in a single U.S. state market in late 2019, it began a slow process of expansion. As of 2021, the app is available in NJ, PA, and IN.

That said, the Unibet sportsbook app is one of the best sports betting apps in the market. Owing to the company’s industry expertise, it’s a robust and reliable platform for sports betting. Unibet offers excellent betting odds, numerous markets and leagues, and a diverse selection of promotions and bonuses.

  • Review: Unibet Sportsbook
  • Bonus: Multiple Free Bet Offers
  • BetMGM is legal in: IN, NJ, PA
  • iOS review: 4/5

WynnBET Sports Betting App

WynnBET is Wynn Resorts’ contender in the digital sports betting sector. Wynn Resorts is a well-established land-based casino and sportsbook operator known across the U.S. The company has offered its sports betting services in Nevada for a number of years now.

More recently, Wynnbet launched in New Jersey, and revealed a planned expansion to Colorado and Indiana. The app offers sports betting action across college, professional, and international leagues, with many promotions and player rewards. It also incorporates a full online casino, including live casino tables, making it one of the best betting apps on the market.

  • Review: WynnBET Sportsbook
  • Bonus: $500
  • BetMGM is legal in: CO, NJ, MI
  • iOS review: 4/5

How To Bet On Sports In The US

Now that legal sports betting is taking off in the US, an increasing number of online sportsbooks are available with great offers and betting markets. If you want to experience online sports betting, the steps below can help you get started.

1. What Are The Laws In Your State?

Before you place your first bet, you need to establish that online sports betting is indeed legal in your state. Some states have legalized betting at a retail sportsbook but don't allow online betting. Others only have online options, and some have yet to make it a legal activity.

Pay park county taxes

2. Choose Your Sportsbook

With legal sports betting still a growing area in the US, you may not have too many sportsbook options. Do some research as to which are the best sports betting sites, and then check each one individually, paying attention to the following:

Welcome bonuses

Payment options

Range of sports available

Terms and conditions

3. Register With A Sportsbook

You may have to visit the physical casino where a sportsbook is based, as some states don’t allow online registration. In other states, you can register online by completing a form with personal details. The sportsbook may request some documents to verify your identity, but this is a standard procedure for legal sports betting.

4. Fund Your Account

Choose from the options available to find your sportsbook account. Deposits are usually immediate, whether you pay by debit card, e-wallet, or prepaid card. Ensure that you activate any promotions or deposit bonuses by entering a promo code when requested.

.Some of the most popular money transfer services include Skrill and Neteller. Paypal is less commonly used in the online sports betting industry. One of the fastest growing ways to make deposits is through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The transactions are devoid of personal information and many can be made with no added fees.

5. Place Your First Bet

Select a sport and match from the list, and locate your betting slip. This slip is usually clearly displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. Enter your bet and follow any prompts that appear. Betting is a straightforward process, but don’t finalize your bet until you’ve checked the slip to ensure that all details are accurate. Submit your wager, and wait in anticipation to see if you're a winner!

6. Withdrawals

When it comes to requesting a withdrawal from an online betting site, most of the same methods can be used. Bettors should always consult the banking section of an online sportsbook to determine its available options.

Best Sports Betting Events and Markets

Popular US Sports Betting Events

Legal sports betting in the US hasn’t been around long and has yet to reach some states. However, US bettors have embraced this activity and regularly wager at online sportsbooks or sports betting apps on various sports and tournaments. Some of the best sports betting is on these popular events.

  • Super Bowl
  • Kentucky Derby
  • NBA Finals
  • World Series baseball
  • FIFA World Cup
  • Stanley Cup Final (NHL)
  • PGA Golf
  • College Football Playoffs
  • Rugby World Cup
  • Triple Crown
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • UEFA Champion's League

NFL Betting

Professional football in the US is the most popular betting sport. The primary league is the NFL which is made up of 32 different teams. The regular season consists of 16 weekly games played on Thursday night, Sundays and Monday night. The season starts in early September and runs right through the end of the year.

The NFL postseason consists of three rounds of games leading up to the league championship. Known as the Super Bowl, the title game is considered to be the biggest single-day sports betting event of the year.

Most online betting action for NFL games is placed on the point spread and total line. Multiple bets can be grouped together in a parlay wager. To win a parlay, a bettor needs to win every bet grouped together.

NBA Betting

The NBA is the biggest professional basketball league in the US. It ranks second to the NFL in popularity among sports betting customers. The point spread and total line also bring in the most action when it comes to online betting in the USA.

There are 30 NBA teams. They play an extended 82-game regular season that runs from mid-October through early April. There are three rounds of best-of-seven playoff series leading up to the NBA Finals. The top team from the Eastern Conference faces off against the Western Conference Champion in one final best-of-seven tilt.

MLB Betting

Major League Baseball is considered America’s Pastime. Yet, it ranks third on the list when it comes to betting action bookmakers take in for a professional US league. There are 30 MLB teams playing an extended 162-game regular season.

A wild card game plus two rounds of playoffs will designate the American League Pennant and the National League Pennant. Those two winners meet in the best-of-seven World Series. Played in late-October, this championship series is also known as the Fall Classic.

The MLB regular season gets underway in late-March. The most popular online bet is on the moneyline along with the total. Baseball also has a run line that acts as a spread. The favorite gives 1.5 runs and the underdog gets 1.5 runs. To win a bet on the favorite, that team must win the game by two or more runs.

NHL Betting

The top professional hockey league for online betting in the USA is the NHL. It is comprised of 31 teams with seven franchises based in Canada. There is an 82-game regular season running from October through early April. Very similar to the NBA, there are three rounds of best-of-seven playoffs series leading up to the championship series. This is referred to as the Stanley Cup Finals.

Similar to baseball, the moneyline and total are the most popular online sports betting activities. Hockey also uses a 1.5 goal spread for its puck line bet. Sportsbooks will set a corresponding moneyline as part of the puck line bet.

NCAA Betting

Online betting sites will also set betting lines for most college football and college basketball games. Each sport is a huge part of the total revenue generated by bookmakers. Point spreads and totals account for the bulk of the online betting action.

Legal sports gambling websites

College Football Betting

The college football regular season mirrors the NFL with most games played on Saturdays. One of the biggest online betting events of the year is the college bowl season in late-December and early January. There are over 40 different games highlighted by the College Football Playoff National Championship.

College Basketball Betting

The college basketball regular season runs from November through early March. Conference championship tournaments set the stage for the annual men’s basketball NCAA Tournament. Referred to as March Madness, this is the most heavily bet tournament of the year.

Online Sportsbook Bonuses

One of the most effective marketing tools incorporated by the best online sportsbooks to attract new bettors is a welcome bonus.

1. Welcome Bonus

These bonus offers are normally based on the initial deposit made to open a new online account.

A typical example of a welcome bonus would read:

“A 100% Cash Bonus on First Deposit up to $500”

A new bettor could earn up to an additional $500 in cash if all the rollover or playthrough requirements are met. This refers to how many times the amount of the initial deposit must be bet. There could also be a rollover requirement attached to the actual bonus amount.

2. Free Play

Sometimes the sportsbook bonus will be designated as Free Play. This means the earnings will be in the form of free bets. There are also bonuses offered for reloads. This refers to additional deposits to an online betting account.

3. Customer Referrals

Another popular sportsbook bonus for cash or free play is offered for customer referrals. A referral needs to open an online betting account with an initial deposit that may have rollover requirements.

Some of the other ways sports bettors can stretch their bankroll with incentive offers include:

4. Reduced Juice Betting Options

This offer lowers the amount of commission that is charged to book a bet. The (-110) next to point spreads and total lines designate juice of 10 percent. A reduced juice offer next to a betting line might read (-105). This designates a five percent commission.

5. Risk-Free Bet

This offer is used for various online sportsbook betting options. For example, a book may offer a $20 risk-free bet for a player’s first mobile bet. They have also been used for the first live-in game wager.

Sportsbook bonuses and other customer loyalty incentives are a big part of the way online betting sites promote their business.

Sports Betting Apps vs. Online Sports Betting Sites

Now, let’s talk about sports betting apps and how they stack up against online sports betting sites. While both forms of sports betting offer similar advantages over retail sportsbooks, each has unique qualities. Mobile sports betting packs a number of perks that betting sites don’t.

For example, the best sports betting apps have excellent accessibility, with a mobile-first design that’s incredibly user-friendly. Online betting sites, on the other hand, can often be visually cluttered and hard to use. User experience tends to be far superior on mobile devices as well. Customers tend to feel very much at home inside a well-designed sportsbook app.

There’s also convenience to consider. While both forms of sports betting are more convenient than retail sportsbooks, betting apps have an edge over betting sites. You have to sit at your PC to use most betting sites. Meanwhile, the best sports betting apps are always with you, right in your pocket.

Also worth mentioning are the additional perks. The best sports betting apps often have special bonuses and promotions not otherwise available. These can range from simple offers to enticing rewards, depending on the operator.

Is Sports Betting Not Available in Your State? Try Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a unique new way to bet on your favorite sports teams and players. DFS is available in many states throughout the country. If your interested in playing DFS, then read our Monkey Knife Fight review or check out other great resources such as Rotogrinders. Instead of playing against other players, you are playing against the MKF house. You play fantasy games by playing prop contests on different sports events like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, and hockey.

Also consider checking out our Jock MKT and BetVigtory reviews for a different spin on fantasy sports!

Online Casino Gambling

There may be different laws involved for each state when looking for legal online casino gambling. Check out our Casino Directory for information on where casino betting is legal, our online casino reviews, and bonus codes for when you sign up. There are also legal online poker sites available in the United States. Check out our information to make sure you are playing with trustworthy websites.

Top States with Online Sports Betting

Nevada Online Sports Betting

Nevada has operated legal sports betting since 1949. It was one of the few states exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act implemented in 1992 to ban sports betting countrywide.

Sports betting is thriving in Nevada. Players can bet offline at one of the many casinos in the state or online at some of the best sports betting sites. Bettors must be within the state lines to wager at online sportsbooks.

New Jersey Online Sports Betting

New Jersey launched legal sports betting soon after Delaware, on June 11th, 2018. In the state, wagering is widely available at physical casinos, racetracks, and online at various sports betting apps.

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates legal sports betting in New Jersey. Players must be within state lines to bet online, although they don’t have to reside in the state.

You can take advantage of our exclusive bet365 bonus code in New Jersey !

West Virginia Online Sports Betting

West Virginia became the fifth US state to join the ranks offering legal sports betting. The activity was legalized in March 2018, with the first bets placed in August that same year. There are currently five casinos where you can wager offline on sports.

Online sports betting became legal in December 2018, with After four months, however, this app shut down due to a dispute with its technology provider. FanDuel and DraftKings stepped up and have been operating their online sportsbooks and sports betting apps in WV since 2019.

Pennsylvania Online Sports Betting

After the Supreme Court dropped the federal ban on sports betting in 2018, Pennsylvania activated its 2017 law legalizing sports betting in the state. Retail sportsbooks were the first to open in November 2018, with online sportsbooks following about six months later.

SugarHouse was the first sports betting app in Pennsylvania. Not to be outdone, others like DraftKings and FanDuel quickly followed, and there are currently eight online sportsbooks available to bettors.

Colorado Online Sports Betting

After gaining approval for the bill allowing sports betting in November 2019, Colorado launched legal sports betting on May 1st, 2020. There are 33 casinos in the state, and each can apply for a license to operate a sportsbook. At present, over twenty have secured licenses for legal sports betting.

Online sportsbooks must partner with a physical casino to secure a license to offer online sports betting. There are already numerous sports betting apps live in the state for Coloradans to wager on, with a handful more waiting in the wings.

Iowa Online Sports Betting

August 2019 saw the launch of both retail and online sportsbooks in Iowa. Iowa was the first state in the upper midwest to offer legal sports betting and the first in America to simultaneously launch both retail and online betting. All 19 casinos in the state have secured licenses to provide their best sports betting options.

To wager online in the state, bettors needed to register at a physical sportsbook. Since January 1st 2021, bettore can register directly online to place bets on sports betting apps from anywhere in the state.

Illinois Online Sports Betting

Legal sports betting in Illinois went live in March 2020. This was nine months after Governor Pritzker signed the capital bill that included legislation for legal sports betting. Residents of and visitors to Illinois who are over 21 and within state lines can wager on professional, collegiate, and international sports events.

BetRivers was one of the first online sportsbooks to operate in Illinois. It opened to the public in June 2020, and other sports betting apps soon followed. There are now five in Illinois, including some of the best sports betting sites, such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

Indiana Online Sports Betting

Indiana was the 13th state to legalize sports betting, and it went live in September 2019. Fittingly, Governor Holcomb placed the very first sports bets. The industry has developed enormously, and fourteen gambling establishments now hold licenses to operate sportsbooks.

Online sports betting took off one month later in October 2019. DraftKings and BetRivers were the first of the best sports betting sites to launch in Indiana. Other online sportsbooks followed, and an estimate shows that 80% of all sports wagers in Indiana take place online or through sports betting apps.

Tennessee Online Sports Betting

Tennessee opened up to legal sports betting from the beginning of November 2020. It is the only state offering wagering through sports betting apps and online sportsbooks only. There is currently no option for retail outlets.

BetMGM and FanDuel were among the best sports betting operators to open in Tennessee. Other sportsbooks are waiting for the go-ahead to operate online, but there are no plans at this stage for any physical outlets for legal sports betting.

Virginia Online Sports Betting

Sports betting became legal in Virginia in April 2020. Legal sports betting falls under the Virginia Lottery Board’s control, which anticipates going live in 2021. Initially, only online sportsbooks will operate; however, the Board has earmarked six cities to develop casino complexes in the future.

Twenty-five of the best sports betting operators have applied for licenses to operate their sportsbooks in Virginia. It’s possible that we won’t find out who they are until the Lottery Board announces the successful applicants.

Michigan Online Sports Betting

Michigan welcomed the first legal sports bets at casinos in Detroit in March 2020. For a sportsbook to operate, it must have a land-based, physical partner. This partner can be one of the three commercial casinos in Michigan, or one of the twelve Indian tribes that operate 23 tribal casinos.

Online sports betting is yet to get going in Michigan. Although plenty of the best sports betting operators are ready to hit the ground running, they are likely to only get the green light in 2021.

FAQ - Online Sports Betting

Check out this FAQ section to learn more about common questions.

Is online betting sites legal in the US?

Yes, depending on your location. It’s legal in 20 states, listed in the section above. Six states are moving to activate their online sports betting market, and another 21 are moving to legalize sports betting. It remains completely illegal in Utah, Idaho, and Wisconsin.

What is the best sports betting site in the US?

The answer depends on your personal preferences. Different apps have different strengths and will be ideally suited for different types of players. Check out the features each of the best sports betting site offers and choose the one that matches your needs.

Are sports betting apps safe?

They can be. There are disreputable operators out there, and they sometimes provide apps that don’t meet basic security standards. However, the best sports betting apps meet regulatory security protocols and requirements. They also guarantee that your funds and data remain safe.

How do I open an account with an online betting site?

There are two simple steps to get started:

1. Complete an online registration form. This will require personal information to confirm identity, age and permanent address.

2 Make an initial deposit using an approved banking method.

Is it safe to deposit money with an online sportsbook?

You should always perform your own due diligence when it comes to opening any online betting account. Key aspects of the vetting process include:

  • Comprehensive and unbiased sportsbook reviews
  • Rankings and/or ratings for any potential bookmaking service
  • Customer reviews/complaints

What are the minimum/maximum betting limits?

Betting limits are determined by each individual sports betting site. Some of the determining factors include:

  • The actual sports bet. Limits may be higher for straight bets on point spreads, totals and moneylines. They may be lower for exotics such as parlays, teasers/pleasers etc.
  • The actual sport. There may be limits in place based on the individual sporting event. For example, there may be special limits set for Super Bowl prop bets.
  • Individual bettors. High rollers and heavy bettors can request higher limits based on their overall betting activity.

Online betting is an extremely convenient way to make money with your sports knowledge and hot tips. If you’re someone who knows how to pick winners, it’s time to start making some real money for those picks. Thankfully, you can start turning that profit without ever leaving the house. Below, we have a list of the best betting sites available in your area that offer the most trusted, reputable, safe, and complete online betting experience possible.

RankDE Gambling SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Betway Sports100% up to €150
#222bet Sports100% up to €122
#3Spin Sports100% up to €200
#410Bet Sports100% up to €50
#5Guts Sports100% up to €50

These sports betting sites are just the tip of the iceberg. In the remainder of this guide, we’re going to cover a ton of different online sportsbook options as well as some crucial information to your success. Here’s a quick look at some of the information we’re going to cover. Feel free to click and jump ahead to the section that most interests you or scroll down and check things out in order.

Online Betting Sites by Country

Not every sports betting site in the world offers their services to every corner of the globe. In fact, some of the best online betting sites like to laser-focus their service to specific countries or regions. This allows them to offer bets on the most popular sports for that country, bonuses that fit that country’s tendencies, and ultimately, just a better all-around experience for a unique bettor base. If you’re looking for the top online betting sites that offer services to your country, check out the links we’ve provided for you below.

Best Betting Sites by Sport

Got a particular sport that you’re an expert at? Looking for specific sports to bet on? Did your sport’s season just end and is it time to find action and value elsewhere? Whatever the reason may be, many of you here are probably looking for the best sports betting sites offering action on a particular sport. While most of the reputable betting sites offer action on all major sports, many of them specialize in particular sports.

What does this specialization look like? It typically means that online betting sites are offering more bet types on that sport, more games, more leagues, and better promotions targeted at that sport. Basically, it’s going to seem like they’re playing favorites with a particular sport, and we are okay with that. If you are really looking for the best sports betting sites broken down by the sport they do best, check out the links we’ve provided for you below.

Top Sports Betting Sites by League

Each popular sport out there has it’s “top of the line” league, its main event. In every sport, there is one (sometimes two) leagues that stand out above the rest as the best places for bettors to make money. If you’re a highly-specialized sports bettor who has come here looking for the best action on a particular league, you’re in luck. The links below will take you to a sports betting site broken down by the league they offer the best action in.

Much like the sport-specific sites, these online betting sites will offer more bets, cover more games, and have more specialized bonuses for the games within these leagues. If you bet on sports and you’re ready to get into the real money betting action on a particular league, check out the links we’ve provided for you below.

Popular Sporting Events to Bet On

Whether it’s a major championship, the culmination of a tournament, or an iconic event, there are many special dates on the sports betting calendar to get excited about. The air just seems a little more refreshing when you wake up and it’s Super Bowl Sunday, or any day in March (March Madness), or even the morning of the Daytona 500. These are just a few examples of some of the busiest times for sportsbooks, both in person and online.

What does it mean when sportsbooks are busy? Well, besides lines at the brick and mortar spots, it means a ton of amateurs looking to place some bets will be pushing the lines in silly directions. This means incredible opportunities for you to make a killing. But you can only turn that serious profit if you’re wagering with a trusted sportsbook.

Different online betting sites seem to take major sporting events at different levels of seriousness. Some go nuts for certain major events while those same sites might ignore another major event. If you’re looking to bet on some of these events, you need to know which sites cater to them. The links below will tell you just that.

Best Online Sportsbooks By Type

Some of you out there might care more about the features of the sportsbooks you choose than the sports or events it specializes in. As long as they are a highly trusted betting site that covers major sports, you’re happy. That is, as long as they excel with the unique want or need that you have. Below, we have the site categories broken down by their area of expertise. These are the sites that absolutely blow away the competition when it comes to these elements of their product. The rest of their sportsbook is still great, but these are the areas they absolutely shine in.

What Makes These the Best Online Betting Sites?

We don’t just hand out our best online betting site recommendations loosely. Just because you offer sports betting action and have some cool graphics does not automatically make you a viable candidate. We have a very intensive and thoroughly mapped out process that we use to review every site. There are numerous areas of criteria that we check and recheck to ensure that we’re giving an honest view of what all our recommended sites have to offer.

What we would like to do now is give you a small glimpse into what that process looks like. Below, we have the top seven criteria that help some betting sites stand out above the rest.

Diverse Action Offered on Many Different Sports

Most bettors love to bet on sports of different levels and varieties. Whether you are a recreational bettor or a seasoned professional, you most likely have several different sports you like to bet on. Even if you’re glued to one sport, there are very few bettors we know that don’t throw at least a little action on major events like the Super Bowl or the World Series.

Because of this fact, it’s important that the best sports betting sites online cover a diverse range of sports and offer a diverse range of bet types. We want to be able to bet on all of the major sports out there as well as the less popular sports. We want to see coverage of a lot (if not all) of the games within those sports, not just the TV games.

Additionally, we want to be able to make a lot of different wagers on those games, matches, and races. Sure, picking winners can be a profitable way to approach betting, but there are so many other ways that you can turn predictions into cash. The best online betting sites that we’ve recommended are at the top of their game when it comes to diverse action.

Site Security, Trustworthiness, Industry Reputation, and Fast Payouts

If you think about it, online gambling sites are a lot like banks. They hold people’s personal information and large sums of their money. What does this mean? It means that they can potentially become targets of thieves and hackers much like banks always are. In order to combat this threat, they need to be on the attack when it comes to site security.

All of the sportsbooks that have made our lists are on the cutting edge of web security. They utilize technology, dedicated teams, and several other methods to keep you and your money safe and sound.

But security is not the whole equation when it comes to how the site is run. We’re additionally looking for bookmakers that can be trusted and have a positive industry reputation. Ask yourself:

  • Do they take care of their customers?
  • Are they fair?
  • Are their games fair?
  • What does the industry have to say about them?
  • Do they payout winnings? If so, how quickly?

All of these questions are where we begin our research when we are looking to determine the best online betting sites available. Thanks to a refined process, we’re confident that the sites you see on this page are the best in all three of these categories.

Competent and Accessible Customer Service Options

There will be times during your sports betting experience where you are going to need help. This might be something as simple as having a promotion explained to you or as complex as helping you move money across the world into your account. Whatever the issue is and no matter how big or small, you want to be able to get effective help quickly.

When we are working to determine the best sports betting sites, we take a deep look at the availability and efficiency of the site’s customer service. Can you get ahold of someone quickly? Do you have several different options to reach them? Is the person you first speak to able to help you with your problem? If not, does your more complex problem get escalated properly and fixed?

We would hope you never need customer service help, but that is just not realistic. The online sports betting sites we’ve recommended here have high-quality customer service teams that you can reach 24/7/365 from many effective mediums.

Juicy Bonuses and Expansive VIP Rewards Programs

This is definitely not the first thing we look at when picking out sports betting sites to recommend, but it is something that we certainly do not ignore. Sportsbooks compete for your business aggressively. The most common way that they do this is through bonuses, free stuff, and VIP rewards programs. A quality online sportsbook will have bonuses to help get you in the door and promotions to help keep you loyal. Basically, you should be getting free stuff and kickbacks at all times with whomever you decide to bet with.

The sites we’ve recommended on this page understand the importance of enticing new bettors and rewarding loyalty. When you choose one of these sportsbooks, you can be confident that you’re going to get a great bonus right out of the gate. Additionally, you can be confident that if you continue to bet with the sportsbook, you will be rewarded appropriately.

Because it is much easier to track your play online, you will get much more rewards and bonuses at the online betting sites than you would at a land-based sportsbook. Sure, they won’t have a waitress coming around bringing you free drinks, but you can take the free cash they throw your way and buy a lot of drinks for yourself if you want to.

Quality Mobile Betting Platforms

Our recommendations contain sportsbooks that offer incredible mobile betting platforms. Don’t forget that there are many ways to bet online. If you are looking for somewhere that you can bet at home, in the office, on the bus, or anywhere else on the go, these are the online betting sites you’ve been looking for. You can make all of your real money bets as long as you have a smartphone and a connection to the internet.

Sports Betting Websites Reviews

Continuous Innovation and Forward-Looking Management Team

The best betting sites we’ve recommended here are not resting on their laurels. They are run by management teams who strive to be on the cutting edge of the industry. They are constantly looking for the newest technology, the most innovated processes, and ways they can improve your online betting experience. This means new sports covered, creative, and always changing bonuses, growing VIP programs, and a user experience that is constantly getting more and more convenient.

How to Get Started Betting on Sports Online

Some of you here might be brand new to betting on sports online. If that’s you, welcome! Online sports betting is an incredibly convenient way to make your real money wagers without having to drive all the way to the sportsbook or casino. While this way of betting is extremely convenient, it may seem a little overwhelming at first. You may not know where to start, what certain terminology means, how to read the odds, or even what strategies to employ.

That’s okay. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re ready to get started right way, check out the resources we have for you below. These guides have all been created with bettors like you in mind. We’ll walk you through all the details you need to know about how to bet online. And we’ll make sure to do it in a way that isn’t confusing or overloaded with complex and unnecessary concepts.

Placing Your First Bet Online

The first place you should stop if you’re absolutely brand new to betting online is right here. We’ve put together a comprehensive betting guide to walk you through all the steps to get started. We’ll discuss picking out the best online betting sites for you, deciding what game or event to bet on, choosing the type of bet you want to make, and how to make all of that happen. By the time you get to the end of this guide, you will be fully equipped to make your first real money sports bet online.

Sports Betting FAQ and Terminology

“I’ll take the under on the circle game as long as the line doesn’t shift thanks to the late morning action from the sharps.” Yeah, if that sounded like Greek to you, that’s okay. Much like other professions, sports bettors have a tendency to talk in jargon. Once you learn the lingo, it makes things easier. But it can also seem like a foreign language to new bettors. In the first guide linked below, we’re going to walk you through all the important terminology that you need to know. If you want to be able to understand the experts (and sound like one yourself), this is the guide for you.

Got some specific questions about sports betting? Check out our frequently asked questions guide. As the name says, we cover the most frequently asked questions we hear from new sports bettors. This is a great spot to get some valuable information about the entire sports betting process from start to finish.

Best Sports Betting Websites

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

You paid attention in statistics and your other math classes in school, right? Yeah, we didn’t either. Unfortunately for us “math lovers,” sports betting revolves heavily around math, stats, and calculations. Sure, you can try and pick winners while ignoring the odds at the best sports betting sites, but you’re going to leave yourself at a pretty big disadvantage. If you’d like to get a good introduction into how to understand sports betting odds, check out the links provided below now.

Additional Online Sports Betting Resources

We’ve already covered a lot about betting on sports online, but there is still so much more to learn! One of the great things about online sports betting is that there is endless information you can use to increase your chances of winning. Below, we’ve collected all of our additional resources for beginners. These guides will help you get from where you are right now, into the sports betting action, then hopefully cashing out big winners sometime soon.

Sports Betting Strategy Guides, Articles, and Resources

The one thing we haven’t directly addressed yet in this guide is how to win. Sure, everything else we’ve covered will help you win. Choosing a reliable sports betting website helps increase your chances of winning, and so does knowing how the bets work and how to bet properly. But the one thing that will have a big impact on your profit level that we haven’t discussed yet is strategy.

In the guides linked below, we will dive into the foundation of sports betting strategies. If you want to do more than just be in the action, this is where you want to start spending your time. These beginner strategy guides will also feed into our more advanced strategy guides as well.

Online Sports Betting Legality and Laws

One of the most popular questions that we get from sports bettors all over the world is: “what online betting sites are legal in my area”? The follow-up question to that is also whether or not online sports betting is legal in their state, country, or region. In most areas of the world, online sports betting is completely legal. There are some areas where you do see some restrictions, but for the most part, these restrictions are not on the individual sports bettor, but the sportsbook themselves.

If you’d like a more in-depth look on the legality of sports betting in your area, check out the links we have provided for you below. We’ll take a deep dive into the law books and give you our opinion of what they mean and how they affect you. Most of you will have no issues whatsoever (including those of you playing from the US). But for those of you that need to see it clearer, the link below will help answer all of your questions to the best of our ability.

Best Gambling Websites

Tips for Picking out the Best Sports Betting Sites

  1. Test the Mobile Interface If You’re Planning to Bet On the Go
  2. Join Multiple Online Betting Sites to Shop Lines
  3. Stick to the Sportsbooks We’ve Vetted
  4. Test Out the Steps of Making a Bet
  5. Make Sure They Have Banking Options You Like
  6. Know That You’re Never Married to an Online Betting Site

Picking out a sports betting site is a big deal. Why? Well, making the wrong choice can set you up for failure and potentially put a big dent in your bottom line. On the flip side of that coin, making the right choice about your betting site can set you up for success and give you the best opportunities to make the most money.

The fact that you are here looking for advice on the best sports betting sites is already a huge step in the right direction. But maybe you’ve gotten this far in the guide, and you haven’t made a decision yet. What we’d like to do is give you a few quick tips to try and help you make that final decision.

Tip #1 – Test the Mobile Interface If You’re Planning to Bet On the Go

If you’re only going to bet from your desktop at home, this will not be important. But if you’re like most sports bettors, then you will want the ability to bet from anywhere. You never know when the lines are going to change in your favor or when you’re going to get a hot tip minutes before the start of a game. Make sure that you take a few minutes to check out the mobile platform of the site you are going to use. Most sports betting sites in this day and age have incredible mobile and desktop platforms that are seamlessly integrated (meaning you can jump back and forth between the two when it’s convenient).

Tip #2 – Join Multiple Online Betting Sites to Shop Lines

Having trouble deciding between two betting sites? You can join both of them. If you’ve read the strategy sections linked from this guide, you know that shopping your betting lines is a must-do practice if you are serious about making money from sports betting. Thankfully, online sports betting makes this practice much easier logistically. So, if you are stuck between a few options, you’re actually probably in a much better spot than you think. Just join both! It does not cost anything extra to join multiple sites.

Tip #3 – Stick to the Sportsbooks We’ve Vetted

We’re not the kind of people to ever tell you what to do. You’re all adults, and you are certainly smart enough to make your own decisions. That being said, we would like to advise you of something based on our experience in the online sports betting industry: Stick to the sportsbooks that we’ve vetted. We do not call these the best sports betting sites for the heck of it. We do that because these sites are safe, secure, and will offer you the type of experience you are looking for.

If you choose to go outside of the recommendations we’ve laid out here, you open yourself up to some danger. It’s very hard for the untrained eye to spot betting sites that are not looking out for your interests. By sticking with our recommendations that have already been fully vetted, you guarantee that you’ll have a safe and secure sports betting experience.

Tip #4 – Test Out the Steps of Making a Bet

Something that you may not know about online sportsbooks is that you will have full access to the entire site even prior to making a free account. This means that you can get the ultimate feel for what betting there would be like if you were an actual member. At most sites, you can search through the different bets, check out the odds, and you can even build betting tickets. The only thing that you’re not going to be able to do without an account is actually submit the bet. But you will be able to do everything up until then.

Take advantage of this. Make sure you are comfortable with the betting process. Make sure you fully understand how things work and ensure it all works for you. If everything is to your liking, then you can go ahead and make your account and get to making some real money bets!

Tip #5 – Make Sure They Have Banking Options You Like

One of the big perks of choosing to wager with an online betting site is that you’re going to have access to a lot of great banking options. This will make the deposit and withdrawal process much smoother. That being said, not every site is going to have the same banking options.

Make sure you take a minute and see what options they have for deposits and what options they have for withdrawals. You don’t need multiple banking options for both options, but you need at least one good one that you are a fan of.

Tip #6 – Know That You’re Never Married to an Online Betting Site

When choosing a site to join, you are not obligated to stay there. No matter if you have made 1,000 bets or 0 bets, you can leave whenever you want. All you have to do is withdraw your money and you are gone. What does this have to do with picking out the best betting sites for you? Well, don’t overthink the process. If you find something you like, give it a try for a few weeks. If it’s a good fit, awesome! If it turns out not to be the best fit, no big deal. You can always pick up and go somewhere else. It’s not like buying a car or a house where you are stuck with your purchase. You have a lot of freedom that you can exercise at any point in time.

Recent Sports and Sports Betting Blogs

Want to stay up to speed with all the latest happenings in sports and the sports betting industry? This is a key to success with your bets. Picking out a trustworthy online sports betting site can only take you so far. You will need to stay up to date with the latest news so that you can use those sites to make your masterful picks. Check out the latest sports blogs below!