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Saboteur Card Game

Saboteur is a hidden identity game. These are placed face down with a card's width between them, and a start card is lined up with the middle goal - but with seven card's height between them. On each turn, you can either play a path card, an action card (a misfortune, an anti-misfortune, a map, or a cave in), or you can simply. About Saboteur Card Game. Saboteur is a mining-themed card game, designed by Frederic Moyersoen and published in 2004 by Z-Man Games. I can't say much about the rules. If you're new to Saboteur Card Game, you can read all about the rules here. For your information, this game needs at least 3 human players. I have no AI installed here.

Saboteur is a fun-filled family and party game that need 3 to 10 players to play this game. In this game each player are known as dwarf and all the players need to work together to find the gold by “building” paths. What they didn’t know is that among the dwarfs there are some people known as “saboteur” who will prevent the other dwarfs to find the gold by building dead end, destroy paths as well as putting “power cards” to stop other dwarf from building paths during their turn.

Saboteur Board Game

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This card game seems easy to play but it inspires me in 3 different aspects:

1. It brings out the fact that not all people can be 100% trusted even for close friends because sometimes they might be backstabbing you from behind when you are not around. For example in the workplace where your colleagues cannot be fully trusted because who knows they will backfire you the next day by talking bad things about you to the other people and they are still acting close to you without even notice. You must have some reserved of your trust to other people instead of giving 100% of them.

2. There will be obstacles in life. Sometimes in our life there will be bad things happen to us and we need face it eventually even though we tried to run away. The saboteur in this game represents the obstacles in our life. When we face a dead end or difficulty, we musn’t run away from it. Instead, we need to think of another way to overcome the obstacles. Remember, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

3. Set a goal in your life. It is important so that you won’t be going blindly throughout your life without a goal and by having a goal you yourself will know whether you are going to the right track or otherwise. It’s like what happens in this game. When you are a good dwarf, your goal is to build your path to look for the the gold and when you are the saboteur, your goal is to sabotage the good dwarf. Even though their goals are different, but at least they have a goal to accomplish. They will be doing their task blindly if there aren’t any goal for both of them.

Saboteur card game review

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Saboteur Card Game Expansion

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