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Reel King Mega Rtp

Written by Yana Sliusar

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Mega King: Will award 3 to 6 Reel King mini-slots. The meter starts directly at 8 free spins and you can advance up to 25 free spins. The Reel King mini-slots each have three reels with a single pay line, containing blue, yellow and red 7s as well as black diamond symbol. They will spin once at a time and lining up single or mixed coloured 7s. Reel King Mega Slot Feature There are 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 pay lines in this slot. The theme is one of royalty, living up to its name. The symbols include a Jester Wild, the Gold, King, Queen, Jack, 10, Blueberry, and Cherry. This game has a lot to offer due to the fact that it has a lot of bonus features that can be triggered randomly when.

Reel King Mega slot is a joint creation by Red Tiger and Astra Games. The slot has original gameplay with 20 pay lines, mega symbol with size 2x2, and randomly triggered bonus feature, which will give you additional wild symbols. The wide betting range of this slot will allow you to get the maximum payout of 100,000 coins. You can also try to increase the payments in a risk game.

Reviews and recommendations from the testing team

  • During the usual spins, the gameplay of Reel King Mega is not able to keep a good balance. The slot is also able to make series of spins without any wins. During testing, the average payouts were only 1x-5x bets. Less often, the bigger payments for 5x-10x bets were given.
  • On average, at a distance of 50-100 spins, the slot was able to give us payments between 25x and 50x bets. We didn’t get winnings for more than 50x total bets. You can receive such payments only when you trigger the bonus feature, or use the risk game.
  • Reel King features. This feature will trigger when all reels, land on a yellow background. However, during testing, most bonus features were triggered with only 1-2 mini-slots. I managed to trigger three mini-slots only a couple of times, and four - only once. In my opinion, the slot is not capable to launch five mini-slots together.
  • During testing of the bonus feature, the average payments were 20x-30x bets. Less often, the bigger winnings for 50x-60x were given. Reel King feature was triggered on average every 50-60 spins, which helped the slot keep a good balance.
  • During testing, I repeatedly tried to increase my payout of 2x-5x total bets, by using in the risk game, but this was never successful. The bigger payments for 20x-30x bets could be repeatedly increased by this feature. I managed to raise some winnings up to 120x, although, in my opinion, this is not the limit for Reel King Mega. I think you can increase your payments to 200x-300x bets.

The gameplay of Reel King Mega is unable to keep a good balance, that is why we could not recommend it to play with active bonus wagering. Long gambling sessions are not suitable for this slot. It is better to make average distances of 100-200 spins, in order to trigger a series of bonus features. When you choose shorter distances, try to constantly use the risk game.

Bonus features

  • Reel King feature. This feature will trigger when all reels, land on a yellow background. It will launch from one to five mini-slots on the reels, which will give you additional payments. Multi-coloured seven symbols rotate on their reels, which will give you winnings between 2x and 25x total bets. This feature will end when all mini-slots trigger spins without payouts.
  • King’s Crown feature. This feature may randomly bounce around the playing field and hit one or more symbols. All these symbols will turn into Crown (wild) symbols. The slot has another wild symbol, which is Jester’s Hat.
  • Mega-symbols. All symbols can randomly land as a mega-symbol with size 2x2.


  • Cherry and Plum symbol will bring you 10, 20 or 40 coins. 10 and J symbol will give you between 20 and 60 coins.
  • Q and K symbols will offer payments for 40-100 and 60-200 coins, respectively.
  • Bag of Gold Coins will pay 100, 200 or 500 coins. This is the highest paid symbol.

Technical characteristics

  • Developer - Red Tiger.
  • Pay lines - 20 (always active).
  • Volatility - low.
  • The betting range is from 0.2 to 200 coins.
  • The playing field is 5x3.
  • The maximum winning is 100,000 coins (Bag of Gold Coins symbol).
  • Bonus features – Reel King feature, King’s Crown feature, mega-symbols, and the risk game.
  • Return to player percentage (RTP) - 96%.

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Written by Yana Sliusar

Reel King Mega is a huge favourite among slot fans and has been around for quite some time giving it a great reputation. This is a low volatility slot from Red Tiger Gaming with a design inspired by the popular classic fruit machines playing on 5 reels with 3 rows and 20 ways to win on this slot. Reel King Mega isn’t the highest paying slot available from Red Tiger Gaming but still holds up well against many other slots available. Reel King Mega offers a few different Bonus features which you will find below.

How To Play Reel King Mega Slot

If you are looking to find out the different functions on the Reel King Mega slot to get you playing right away we have them detailed below.

Firstly you will want to adjust your bet size on Reel Mega King to your own preference which can be found by changing the coin value per spin of the slot. You will find the “max bet” option if you want to go for the big jackpot but please be aware this will increase each spin to £200.

Now you have set your spin size preference you are ready to play! Simply click “Spin” to get started or if you don’t want to play manually there is the Auto Spin function where you can automatically spin up to 100 times.

Reel King Mega Slot Features

Reel King Mega is made up of five reels and three rows which gives players 20 total paylines to work with. Players can bet anywhere from 20p all the way up to £200 with a maximum win of x500 on this slot.

Reel King Mega has various different win symbols available which we have noted below:

  • Pot of gold – Pays 25x for 5 symbols on a payline
  • K – Pays 10x for 5 symbols on a payline
  • Q – Pays 5x for 5 symbols on a payline
  • Cherries – Pays 2x for 5 symbols on a payline
  • Plum – Pays 2x for 5 symbols on a payline
  • 10 – Pays 3x for 5 symbols on a payline
  • J – Pays 3x for 5 symbols on a payline

Reel Mega King RTP Figure

RTP is the “Return to player” figure which gives slot players their chances of winning while playing the slot of their choice. The higher the RTP the more likely to win and lower RTP less likely to win when it comes to online slots. Higher RTP will generally have smaller jackpots compared with high variance slots.

Reel Mega King is a low volatility slot with an RTP of 95.12%

Reel Mega King Bonus Features

Reel King Mega Rtp Mega

King’s Crown Bonus

Reel Mega King offers a feature triggered randomly in the game known as King’s Crown Wild which will turn normal symbols into Wild symbols increasing your chance to hit a win! The Crown title will start to bounce around the screen to show the bonus has triggered and will then proceed to change symbols into Wild symbols. This will often change 1 or 2 symbols into wilds but sometimes more!

Reel Mega King Bonus Spins

Reel King Mega Rtp Memoria

This is the big bonus feature from Reel Mega King which is triggered when 5 reels turn golden unlike the standard 3 scatter bonus on many slot games. This bonus guarantees a win for players and will not stop spinning until the players have a win!

Reel King Mega Rtp Codec

The Kings belly has a mini reel set which will comes with different coloured 7 symbols which range from blue, yellow and red. Landing on any symbol noted above will give players an x2 win while landing on blue symbols offers an x5 payout, 3 yellow symbols will payout x10 your stake and landing on the best symbol which is the red symbol will give an x25 stake payout!

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Reel Mega King Summary

Reel King Mega Rtp Filmes

Reel Mega King is a classic looking slot offering from Red Tiger Gaming and a huge favourite among the regular slots players. It’s a must-try game for any slots enthusiast with a high RTP and some fun bonus features available. With the opportunity to win x500 your stake it’s not the highest available jackpot but still offers great returns for players.