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Quick Hit Football

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How fast do you think a footballer can kick a football? Players have been known to strike the ball really hard, crossing 100 kmph easily. For comparison’s sake the fastest a bowler in cricket. Both 'Quick Hit NFL Football,' a standalone game played in a Web browser, and 'Madden NFL Superstars,' the Facebook game from EA, are part of a growing trend of online games that are free to.


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Massive Update Contains Exciting New Features Like Single-Player Challenges and Playbook Management

FOXBORO, MA – April 14, 2010 – Quick Hit, Inc. (“Quick Hit”), a leading developer and publisher of free social sports games, today announced a major update for Quick Hit Football as well as the addition of a new Head Coach to its roster. The update includes the Draft Showdown, an exciting new challenge that will run from today through April 27th asking users to beat four ‘All Star’ teams comprised of Legends for a chance to win prizes like an HP Netbook*. The company also announced it has signed Championship-winner, Dick Vermeil, to its lineup of famous Head Coaches.
The Draft Showdown is a newly created promotion (made timely by the upcoming professional Draft next week) that challenges Quick Hit users to defeat four rounds of teams stacked with some of the best draft picks in history. The teams are captained by stand-out quarterbacks Vinny Testaverde (1st Overall Pick, 1987), Randall Cunningham (2nd Round, 1985), Dan Fouts (3rd Round, 1973), and Warren Moon (Undrafted, 1978). Even more exciting, every win in the Draft Showdown gets players an entry into a sweepstakes to win prizes like an HP Netbook, autographed football memorabilia, and other cool items*. Players will also be awarded valuable Coaching Points for completing each round of the challenge.
Coaching continues to be the cornerstone of Quick Hit Football and today, the company has added another Championship-winning icon to the team. Coach Vermeil, the former head coach for Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs, had an amazing 29 year career in the National Football League, eventually winning a Super Bowl with St. Louis in 2000. He was also the Associated Press and Pro Football Weekly Coach of the Year in 1999.
“Coach Vermeil always brought such passion to the game,” said Jeffrey Anderson, CEO and founder, Quick Hit. “As the head coach behind the 1999 ‘Greatest Show on Turf,’ he is a fantastic addition to our roster.”
The update announced today demonstrates Quick Hit’s dedication to building the largest and best free-to-play online football game in the world. It includes the Coaches’ Challenge - a ‘punch-out’ style ladder campaign complete with nine former Pro Coaches and 18 fantasy coaches. This fun challenge was specifically designed to help users enjoy the rich depth and diversity of Quick Hit Football. The other big feature, Playbook Manager, is an exciting new element that gives users the ability to browse, sort and evaluate their playbooks outside of the actual game. It’s the first time that users can view never seen before statistics like number of times a play has been called, how many yards it has averaged, number of first downs, how many points it scored, and more.
To read more about the Draft Showdown and how to enter to win an HP Netbook and other prizes, visit the promotion page.* To read more about the Coaches’ Challenge, Playbook Manager, and other new features in Quick Hit Football, check out the latest Dev Diary.
Quick Hit Football is a free, authentic football coaching game that doesn’t require a credit card or massive download. Its compelling graphics, hard-hitting action and feature-rich game play take online sports games to a new level. Play head-to-head against Pro Coaches like Brian Billick or Jimmy Johnson; take on Pro superstars like Ray Lewis or Brian Westbrook; or draft Legends onto your team like Barry Sanders, Steve Atwater, James Lofton, and Tony Dorsett. Unlike repetitive twitch-games, Quick Hit Football offers a persistent gaming experience that lets fans build and manage a football dynasty. Play fast, fun, free online football games, earn fantasy and coaching points with every game, and watch your team grow. Hit the gridiron and create your team today at Hit Football
Headquartered in the shadow of the world-famous Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, Quick Hit, Inc. is developing free, online social sports games and entertainment for a global audience. Quick Hit’s products fill a massive void in the sports industry by offering head-to-head competitions that combine a rich graphical experience, the accessibility of Adobe® Flash®, and the wide appeal of fantasy sports. Its first title, Quick Hit Football, is currently in Open Beta.
Game: Quick Hit Football Hype Score: 6/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PCVotes for game: 9 - View All
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If you are interested in receiving an alpha code for Quick Hit Football, please send an email to [email protected]. We will get them out to you as soon as we can.
Please post your impressions of the alpha here, after you try it out.

Quick Hit Football Alternative

Here is the full press release.
'Please remember that Quick Hit Football is in alpha. It's fun and exciting, but it's also not done.
We're looking forward to a public kickoff of the game on September 9, 2009, but to get there, we need early coaches to get in and run a few drills. As one of our first users, we are hoping you can play at least a few games a week. Here's how you make it happen:
Go to and start creating your team account. During the registration process you'll be asked for a 'Registration Access Code.' Please cut and paste your code into that field exactly as it appears.
The 'alpha' part of the URL is important - if you go to, you won't be able to see any of the special alpha forum or get access to the game!
You'll be able to get an idea of the 'Known Issues' with the game by visiting our forum ( If you come across something that isn't on that list, please let us know. You can do that by posting in the forum, sending feedback through the website or sending an email to our Community Manager, Sanya at [email protected].
A few things you should be aware of:
• Be patient if your download takes a few moments. It shouldn’t be more than a couple of minutes, but with folks on the West Coast, it might take a little longer. We are currently working on this and expect it will be at its intended download time by public launch on 9/9.
• Please create a team name using only regular letters and numbers. Using special characters in your team name will cause game errors for you. As a reminder, all team names and any other content you create is subject to our Rules of Conduct.
• When you create your password, it must be at least 6 characters long. Anything shorter will not allow you to move forward.'
Game: Quick Hit Football Hype Score: 6/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PCVotes for game: 9 - View All
# 1statnut @ 08/06/09 01:44 AM
# 2LionsSuperFan22 @ 08/06/09 02:41 AM
looks interesting, havent heard of it before. I would try for an alpha code, but i think ill wait and let those who have been following the site try for them first. look forward to reading how the game plays.
# 3Steve_OS @ 08/06/09 06:30 AM
Looks like the site is up now, must have been down earlier statnut.
# 4notque @ 08/06/09 11:08 AM
Quick hit football is really broken so far. They have a lot to fix.
I prefer Deep Route football for online based sims.
And I like real NFL style leagues, drafts, etc instead of just playing random people like an RPG football.
# 5Steve_OS @ 08/06/09 08:54 PM
Have plenty more, make sure you email the address to get yours.
# 6steeluk @ 08/07/09 06:43 AM
# 7statnut @ 08/07/09 01:23 PM
Hmmm, there's alot here that needs work. The single player AI is atrocious. Through the first half, they have run on every player. They have also gone for it on every 4th down, even when its 4th and 10, and they are in their zone. Not impressed, sadly.
# 8dsidab81 @ 08/07/09 02:16 PM
Has anybody had this issue..I'm going to the alpha link in the quote above. From there, I hit home, play now, and then new user to register. The screen just stays at the quick hit backdrop with no indication of loading. This is happening on the newest version of FF as of yesterday and in IE.
# 9dbgameover @ 08/08/09 09:43 PM
it looked good but it was to sluggish to keep me interested hope they can get it running by the time frame they set out because its a great idea
i also couldnt get a game to start up for multiplayer
they should think about leagues and such later in in which you could youse the engine they have now and draft random players for your team that would be fun having to adjust your style to the people you drafted (the draft does not show overalls just name and position)
# 10devin boyll @ 09/09/09 09:40 PM
# 11Heelfan71 @ 09/14/09 08:08 PM and put in your email for a code.
# 12steez3 @ 09/22/09 01:27 PM
how long does it usually take for me to get a key after I give my email?
# 13steez3 @ 09/22/09 03:18 PM
Has anyone played this yet? Not many posts in here, just curious about it, I really wanna get into a game like this so if anyone has played this and likes or dislikes it please let me know. Or if you know about some other football game that you feel is better.
# 14DaddyDunc @ 09/22/09 08:57 PM
I'm curious how long it takes too. I put in for a key code on the 19th and I haven't gotten a response yet.
# 15Steve_OS @ 09/25/09 05:10 PM
Sorry everyone, sent out quite a few lately, but everyone came back and said they no longer work, so I guess..They no longer work. When I get more, I'll let you know.
# 16utexas @ 09/25/09 06:16 PM
I have played 2 games, I think it has promise. I can answer some questions if you guys have any.
# 17utexas @ 09/26/09 11:53 AM

Quick Hit Football Free Online Game

The game is pretty good, 3 min qtrs and you call the plays. The oline play is a mixed bag, it really depends on the matchups, personnel, and how you chose to train your team. I am now 3-0!
# 18henrydavonte @ 10/03/09 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by utexas
The game is pretty good, 3 min qtrs and you call the plays. The oline play is a mixed bag, it really depends on the matchups, personnel, and how you chose to train your team. I am now 3-0!
whats da code so i can play

Quick Cut Football

# 19junkyjunky99 @ 01/03/11 01:39 PM
# 20junkyjunky99 @ 01/03/11 01:41 PM
Quick hit football game

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