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Online Slots Strategy

Slot Machine Strategies That Don’t Work Here are a few of the strategies that are touted as winning techniques on the Internet. Some of them are obviously ludicrous, while some of them seem to make. Online Slots Strategy The most popular casino games in the world are slots. They are the easiest to play and you do not need any kind of special skills to win. It’s all about your luck. There are some players, who believe that there is some online slots strategy. Find the Casino with the Highest Payout. The best slots strategy tip anyone can give you is to find a. Choose the right games. One element that slots players sometimes overlook is what's known as the. In casino games like poker or blackjack you use skill and strategy to make the odds work to your advantage and win, but in online slot games there is no element of skill whatsoever. Although there is.

Winning in online slots is not only good luck, but also a strategy of playing in the casino. There are many techniques, and every casino winning strategy has its advantages and disadvantages. For those who want get not only a pleasant pastime, but also a mental and financial rewards, we offer an overview of popular strategies. Each casino winning strategy and online slots strategy approved in practice.

Note that experienced players recommend to consciously treat the choice of online slots. It’s better to bet on slots with the highest percentage of RTP, ranging in the range of 95-98%.

Online Slots Strategy “One game”

This Online slots strategy is suitable for risky people who want to tickle their nerves. The essence of the methodology is incredibly simple. You need to choose the most interesting slot or couple of slots and make the first spin with maximum bet.

If the first bet was a losing one, you should immediately leave the game. You can go to the next slot and make the maximum first bet in it.

If the first spin turned out to be winning, the strategy of playing in the casino offers several options for the development of events. You can withdraw the winnings and again go to the next slot. Or you can continue to play on a generous slot.

Casino winning strategy “Up the stairs”

The essence of this strategy is that you need to start with cautious small bets. It is important to set a minimum bet limit. It is this value that will serve as a step in the game process.

So, you need to start with a minimum bet, and then act on a simple algorithm.

  • Spin was lost – we leave the bet the same for the first spin, reduce by 2 times for the subsequent spins;
  • Spin won – the bet doubles.

The advantage of the strategy “Up the stairs” is that large bets are made only the won amount. In this case, winning bet is the one that is at least 2 times bigger than the bet made.

That is, if at a bet of 10 coins the won amount is 15 coins, the next bet will be lower. If there are 20 or more coins, the bet will be doubled.

Online slots strategy “Empty Spins”

The essence of this strategy to stop playing slot after the certain number of empty spins (losses). In this case, it is absolutely not necessary that the losses go one after another. But in the end, you need to stop when you reach a certain number of losses.

Before you start betting, you need to decide on its size. And the optimal number of empty spins determines from the calculation of the amount that you can afford to lose. Divide it by the size of the desired bet and get the number of empty spins.

If after reaching its limit of empty spins the player is profiting, you can continue the game on this machine. If the balance is negative, it is better to stop the game and switch to another slot.

Winning slots strategy “Play and run”

Before we begin explaining this strategy, we will clarify that in the game process counts empty spins and the ultimate loss.

The technique is optimal for playing with a small bankroll. The main idea is to make the maximum number of small bets. The bet size is – 1 coin.

Before making bets, it is important to determine the number of empty spins and the ultimate loss. Spin the reels until you reach one of the set values ​. If at the achievement of this event the player is in win, it is recommended to withdraw the winnings. Then you can continue the play or stop. If the player is in lose, you need to leave the game or go to another slot.

Online slots strategy “Umbrella”

This strategy implies the execution of bets on the system with an increase to the set maximum, followed by a decrease. There are several styles of the game: conservative, aggressive and moderate.

Online Slots Strategy Games

In any case, before you bet, you need to determine the bankroll. Also, you need to determine the minimum bet size and the betting plan within the bankroll. So that you have enough money for the whole combination.

Restrained players plan more small bets, aggressive – more large, moderate – balance on the verge between extreme values.

Online slots strategy sign up

Example of bets for an aggressive system (m – minimum bet): Slot deposit pulsa minimal 5rb.

1m – 2m – 2m – 3m – 3m – 5m – 5m – 5m – 5m – 5m – 3m – 3m – 2m – 2m – 1m.

Example of rates on a conservative system:

1m – 1m – 1m – 1m – 1m – 2m – 2m – 2m – 2m – 3m – 3m – 3m – 4m – 4m – 5m – 4m – 4m – 3m – 3m – 3m – 2m – 2m -2m -1m -1m – 1m – 1m.

Examples of moderate bets:

1m – 1m – 1m – 2m – 2m – 4m – 4m – 4m – 5m – 5m – 3m – 3m – 2m – 2m – 1m – 1m.


1m – 1m – 3m – 3m – 4m – 4m – 5m – 5m – 5m – 4m – 4m – 3m – 3m – 2m – 2m – 2m – 1m – 1m.


1m – 1m – 2m – 3m – 4m – 5m – 5m – 4m – 3m – 2m – 1m – 1m.

Each player can develop their own system within the “Umbrella”. But the meaning remains the same: you need to gradually raise, and then lower the bet. It is not recommended to linger on bets of the same size, since the whole strategy for the slots is meaningless.

Winning strategy “3 stars”

Wynn Online Game Slots Strategy

This strategy is somewhat like “Empty spins”, but its essence is to make bets in the amount of 1-3 minimum bets for some length of time. To stop betting is necessary when you reach a certain negative indicator: empty spins or the overall size of the loss.

Before starting the game, you need to determine:

  • M is the size of the minimum bet;
  • K – number of bets in the series;
  • N is the number of losing spins.

The bets are made according to the system:

  • Round 1: k spins by 1m coin – Round 2: k spins with 2m coins – Round 3: k spins by 3m coins.

In this case, the series of spins should be left if there are “n” losing spins in the round.

Such a betting tactic allows you to play with a small bankroll and avoid big losses.

Online Slots Winning Strategy

Every day, players come up with new strategies and find weaknesses in slot machines. But if you are a beginner, you should start with one of the proven techniques to feel more confident. If you have enough experience, you can develop your own slots strategy, perhaps it will be better than all existing ones.