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  2. Mr Spin is a pretty generous guy and is always showering his loyal mobile casino players with Free Spins bonuses, deposit boost bonuses, and so much more. Stick around, ‘cause Mr Spin is a pretty good pal to have.
  3. Mr Spin’s original fruit machine game, Reel Fruity Slots Mini is a 3-reel, 5 win line game with classic fruit symbols, the juicy progressive Mega Jackpot and a grape Gamble feature that could see you multiplying your wins.

Designed to provide the best possible mobile casino experience for slots players, Mr Spin is an online casino with a focus on player enjoyment! Unlike the majority of other casinos available on the market, Mr Spin is a fun and exciting mobile gaming experience with an emphasis on providing players with a unique choice of games that can’t be found anywhere else.
Initially offering players a smaller number of exclusive games, Mr Spin delivers monthly updates to its gaming portfolio, all of which are free to download for iPhones and Android devices.
As well as offering the exclusive games as free apps, the games are available to play on desktop and tablet.
Due to the uniqueness of all of the Mr Spin games, free to play demo modes are available across all its games, giving players the opportunity to try the games prior to making any deposits or playing the games for real money. All the Mr Spin games are accompanied by a relevant game description detailing how to play, along with a break down of in game features, mini games and the bonuses available. Mr Spin slot games vary in features, with some offering up to 5 reels and 15 win lines.

Games from Mr Spin

Login to your Mr Spin Mobile Casino account to access banking options, contact customer support and play our amazing range of mobile slots games.

With a market flooded with generic slot games all with similar gameplay and features, Mr Spin provides a breath of fresh air with its unique illustrated games and in-play mini games and features.
After identifying a lack of diversity available to players and slot game fans, Mr Spin has taken the initiative to design its own innovative games, based around its own distinctive style and love of fun.
While the majority of game creatures who supply the major casinos with games, mainly comprise of static imagery and photos, based around films or traditional games, Mr Spin


Mr Spin Bonuses

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As well as offering exclusive games, Mr Spin also gives players a range of bonuses upon sign up and as you continue to play.
An introductory offer of a free £5 no deposit bonus, gives players the chance to play games for real money. Dissimilar to the majority of other online casino bonuses, the Mr Spin introductory bonus has no wagering requirements, and players can keep what they win.
Upon a players first deposit, Mr Spin also gives players a 100% first time deposit bonus, meaning Mr Spin will match what you deposit up to £100. This is a great way to explore all of their games and become familiar with their apps.
Once you open an account, you can choose to spend your deposit across the entire range of games, providing you with the opportunity to win on any number of games.
The casino also rewards player loyalty, with a lifetime promotion for all players, giving players an additional 10% of any deposit they make at any time. As a result, if you deposit £100 you will receive an additional £10 to play with. As with the Mr Spin’s introductory free £5 no deposit bonus, the 10% deposit match also has no wagering requirements meaning you keep what you win!
If you enjoy the Mr Spin experience then you may wish to invite your friends to share the experience. If this is the case then upon referring a friend you will receive £5 free bonus credit and 50% of the value that the friend you refer deposits.

With the introduction of the smoking ban almost a decade ago, and the decline that followed of the traditional slot and fruit machine games available in many pubs and other social areas, the demand for an alternative lead to the development of online slot games.
Already available to play on desktop, many games providers including Mr Spin, developed games specifically for mobile and as downloadable apps.
These mobile focused games meant that gamers were no longer restricted to their homes and desks. Slot games and fruit machine became truly mobile. Slots are available to play anywhere players have access to WiFi or 3G. Regardless of if you are in your bedroom, living room, or on a train, it is now possible to play slot games where ever you like.

Mr spin slots login account

Mr Spin Slots Login Account

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