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There are a lot of things that didn’t kill the Mayans: asteroid strikes, planet-wide quakes, global cataclysms prophesied by shamans and etched into ancient calendars. What did wipe them out was likely something that is far less mystical, and indeed is entirely familiar to modern civilizations: climate change. If you want a look at what we could face in the decades and centuries ahead, look at what one of the world’s greatest cultures suffered a millennium ago. That’s the conclusion of a newly released study and what it lacks in Hollywood-friendly drama, it makes up in sound — and scary — science.

The Maya were deeply religious, and worshiped various gods related to nature, including the gods of the sun, the moon, rain and corn. At the top of Maya society were the kings, or “kuhul ajaw. The Mayan empire peaked around the 6th century CE and covered most parts of current-day Mexico, Guatemala, the Sierra Madre, and parts of El Salvador. Several years prior to the Spanish Conquest, the Mayan Empire was on the verge of decline, unlike the Aztecs and the Incas, whose influence can still be found in parts of Mexico and Central America.

Mayan Riches Slot Machine

The arc of the Mayan rise and fall is well known: The civilization first took hold in 1,800 BC, in the Central American region that now includes and surrounds Guatemala. It grew slowly until about 250 A.D. At that point, a great expansion of the culture — known to archaeologists as the Classic Period — began and continued to 900 A.D., yielding the architectural, political and textual artifacts that have so mesmerized scientists. But a decline began around 800 A.D. and led to a final collapse about 300 years later.

The Mayan arc was hardly smooth and steady, and there were periods of turbulence and decline even during the golden era. The great settlement of El Mirador, which once might have been home to 100,000 people, collapsed around 300 A.D, for example. From the fifth to eighth centuries A.D., there was an explosion of the rich tablet texts that provided so many insights into how the Mayans lived and worked. Suddenly, however, starting in 775 A.D., the number of texts began to plunge by as much as 50%, a bellwether of a culture that was declining too.

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There have been a lot of theories for what accounted for such cycles, with climate among the most-mentioned. The better the year-to-year weather — with plenty of rainfall and reasonably steady and predictable temperatures — the better crops do, and the more the culture and economy can expand. The texts have hinted at declines in productivity, perhaps climate-related, coinciding with generations of unrest, but there was never a precise way to confirm those writings. Analysis of lake sediments can yield a reliable reading of the levels of sulfur, oxygen isotopes and other atmospheric markers at various points in history, which reveal a lot about rainfall and other critical variables. But the Mayans themselves often unwittingly disturbed those sediments, with deforestation — including wide-scale burnings — and fishing.

Anthropologist Douglas Kennett of Penn State University, leader of an international team of researchers from the U.S., Belize, Switzerland, Germany and elsewhere thus decided to look at another, less vulnerable, source of evidence: stalagmites in caves. Some of the rainfall absorbed by the ground over the course of centuries will seep into caves and be incorporated into the drip-drip-drip of wet limestone that causes stalagmites to form. Oxygen isotopes entrained in the rain can provide an indicator of how wet a region was at any one point in history.

As Kennett and his colleagues reported in the current issue of Science, they focused their investigation on a cave in the jungles of Belize, which is within 1.5 km (.9 mi.) of one significant Mayan site and 19 mi. (30 km) of three others. In 2006, the scientists harvested a 22-in. (56-cm) stalagmite from deep within the cave. Knowing the rate at which stalagmites develop, they could calculate that the top 16.3 in. (415 mm) of it had been growing continuously since 40 B.C. Every 0.1 millimeter — or about four one-thousandths of an inch — corresponded to about 0.5 years. That’s an awfully fine-grained way to look at history, and the analysis led to some awfully detailed conclusions.

Mayan Riches Slot

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Droughts lasting at least a few decades each occurred from 200 to 1100 AD, and repeatedly coincided with struggles and upheaval in the Mayan culture. There were dry periods in the 640 to 660 window, for example, and there was also a lot of warfare in that period, which makes sense for a culture fighting over dwindling resources. Droughts from 820 to 870 similarly were associated with an outbreak of fighting, as well as the disintegration of local polities, or ruling bodies. The decline in historical texts began not long before another period of severe drying, and the collapse of the Mayan culture itself, directly corresponds to the most severe period of drying, from 1020 to 1100.

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Broadly, explains Kennett, the most generous period of rainfall during the millennium or so the Mayans thrived was from 450 to 660. “This led to the proliferation of cities like Tikal, Copan and Carasol,” he says. “The new climate data show that this salubrious period was followed by a general drying trend…that triggered a decline in agricultural productivity and contributed to social fragmentation and political collapse.”

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The cause of the climate upheaval that claimed the Mayans was not, of course, human activity, since their culture thrived and died long before the industrial age. Instead it was caused by the combined effects of El Niño events and changes in the northeast and southeast equatorial winds known as the intertropical convergence zone. “The preceding conditions stimulating societal complexity and population expansion helped set the stage for later stress on [Mayan] societies and the fragmentation of political institutions.”

This should not give comfort to the dwindling band of modern-day climate-change deniers likely to take the study as proof that the planet’s current climate woes are merely natural fluctuations. The Mayan drying trend played out over centuries, after all. What we’ve been experiencing is the more abrupt, short time-scale variety, a phenomenon that was first foreseen in climate models nearly 40 years ago, and has been unfolding pretty much on schedule and as predicted. The Mayans had no such power to forecast events and certainly couldn’t correct them. We can do both, and the lesson of the study is that we may pay mightily if we choose to take no action. No culture, as the vanished Mayans so starkly illustrate, is too big to fail.

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You’re about to find yourself in the heart of a South American jungle where you find yourself under the beautiful clear blue sky surrounded by trees as you explore the lands in search for Mayan treasure.

Stories about the activities and beliefs of the Mayan civilisation have gone down in the history books as they flourished across Southern America until the Spanish invaded in the 16th Century which brought an end to their dominance in the lands as the Spanish took over to found cities.

A rather sad end to their reign, but Mayan Riches by IGT allows you to celebrate Mayan culture and beliefs as you go on a quest to uncover their untold riches. In fact, you may even recognise the title already if you’re a player who frequents land-based casinos as it’s been available on gaming floors for years now. If you have, you’ll likely be most disappointed with the version available at online casinos as it only boasts Stacked Wilds and a free spins bonus feature compared to the four bonus games that the land-based version offered.

Mayan Money

The Mayan’s were renowned for being excellent beekeepers, however you’ll find your balance taking a sting playing the Mayan Riches video slot. It offers a structure of 5 reels with 4 rows of symbols on each and 40 adjustable win lines but it’s a high stakes affair as the lowest coin value is £1 per line and the maximum is £50, meaning minimum stakes of £40 up to a maximum of £2,000 which will only suit if you’re a high roller!

Mayan Riches

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Climb the Steps to Riches

Despite being built nearly 3,000 years ago, some of the pyramids which were built by the Mayan people still stand to this day and they now act as popular tourist attractions in Mexico and Central America, however in this free Mayan Riches slots game they act as a stairwell to riches.

It’s the pyramid which acts as the Wild symbol, possessing the power to substitute for all but the Bonus symbol, that is the highest-paying symbol on this pay table with it seeing you secure up to 1,000 coins.

While there are Ace to 9 symbols which have been designed in a stone effect that feature as the least valuable symbols of all, there are four others that are more valuable and much more stunning to look at. These are led by a couple of natives who have flamboyant headwear and they will lavish you with up to 400 coins, while discovering two golden relics will see you rewarded with up to 250 coins.

5 Measly Free Spins

While the wins on offer in the base game are decent, nothing quite beats the thrill of triggering a bonus feature – especially if it’s a free spins bonus game which can result in you winning loads of cash at no cost. I wish I could tell you that’s what will happen playing Mayan Riches, however the sad reality is quite different.

You’ll trigger the free spins mode whenever you land the colourful Bonus symbol on the second, third and fourth reels at the same time which will result in you winning 2x your stake and receiving 5 free spins. These spins play out on an alternate set of reels with the symbols having darkened backgrounds but the payouts remain the same.

The sole positive of this feature is the fact it can be retriggered, however such a low number of initial spins and the exclusion of a multiplier bonus is certainly not going to appeal to many players.

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Mayan Riches

One to Avoid…

Ancient civilization-themed slots are usually so beautiful and intriguing thanks to the rich history of the Mayan people but Mayan Riches is certainly an online slot to avoid. Sure, the design is beautiful and the Stacked Wilds help you land some big wins but the stakes limit it to high rollers and the measly sum of free spins you receive for triggering the bonus simply aren’t worth the effort.

Mayan Riches

When you compare it to the Mayan Treasures slot machine by Bally and the Book of Maya slot machine by Novomatic it won’t be one you’ll find yourself wanting to play anytime soon.