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Jackpot Jewels Slot

There’s a whopping 720 different ways to win on this slot, with stacked wilds and free spins increasing your chances of success. The aim of the game is simple. Match five fire opals logo for the largest jackpot. You can, however, win big with other icons too. You’ll find a bird of paradise, a woman, an orchid and a volcano, too. Jackpot Jewels is a 5 reel, 50 payline video slot that brings you four rows of symbols in every spin. The game manages to mix in a series of card symbols (10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) alongside the jewels, which consist of: sapphires, pink gems, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

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  4. Jackpot Jewels Slot Machine

Jackpot Jewels

The simplicity that the game Jackpot Jewels demonstrates at first try is deceiving; this game is more complex than it looks. Barcrest developed Jackpot Jewels in such a way that simplicity gives way to complexity the deeper a player goes into the gameplay. The game has 7 reels and 4 rows, which is unusual for games from Barcrest. Jackpot Jewels also features up to 50 paylines. Total coins that can be earned in this arrangement are 12,500. Jackpot Jewels is different from other games in that it features a unique Hi Roller option for those with an appetite for risk and a longing for high winnings. People who like shiny graphics and colours will be disappointed because Jackpot Jewels looks bland, even industrial. There’s not much to say about the soundtracks, either.

Game Play Symbols

The game’s main symbols are jewels, just as the name suggests. The lower value symbols are the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10, while the higher value symbols are in blue, red, white, green, and purple. The main symbol is the Jackpot Jewel. The symbol is both a wild and a scatter symbol, therefore making it highly valuable. In addition, the Jackpot Jewel symbol activates all big features and also substitutes for all other symbols.

Bonus Features

Like many other online slot games, Jackpot Jewels Slots has free spins as a bonus. The feature is activated when a player lands one of the main jewels on specific reels, namely reels 2, 4 and 6. The reward for landing on these reels is 10 free spins on reels that carry valuable gems. A player can keep getting more free spins; especially if he or she keeps winning from the gems realized after the initial free spins were awarded.
The other bonus option is the Hi Roller feature, which when selected leads the player to 5 superior spins. The stake for playing this option is higher than those for regular spins.

Return to Player Rates

The RTP for a stake of less than 2 pounds is 94 percent. For a wager of 2 pounds or greater, the RTP is 95 percent. The Hi Roller option gives the highest RTP of 96.5 percent. It then makes sense that the fastest and easiest way to a big win is the Hi Roller approach. To play at that level, a player needs to be ready to stake higher. Also, higher stakes not only make it possible for the player to win high because of the special spins, they also make it possible to open special free spins that can further boost winnings.
The Jackpot Jewels slot game is available on all devices. It can be played by anyone who can operate a computer, despite its underlying complexity. The game is not for those who enjoy high quality visuals, nor for audiophiles, because it is a barebones online slot that rewards strategizing players who pick their wagers with care, play their spins with control, and select their approach with a calm head.

Get ready to play Crown Jewels, a free slot game from Barcrest Games. Whether you’re a casual player or aiming for some high-rolling excitement, it has a variety of playstyles to match what you’re looking for. It’s got a clean, streamlined interface and no complex elements to make for a relaxed experience. Released in 2013, it has been a big favorite among online players due to its 95.05% payout rate. This slot is similar to Money Mad Martians.

Who’s Playing Crown Jewels Slot?

American players are going to have to take a miss on Crown Jewels slot; it’s simply not available state-side, but for European players, it’s a quick favorite. Players who adore clean gambling with no complicated rules or distracting mini-games enjoy this game of chance for its simplicity and option to bet just a Euro a spin (€.10 across 10 lines).

Also, they can go for the big bucks (€50 at €1 for 50 in a high-roller mode!). Of course, you always have the option to play this as a free slot if that’s your preference.

The Crowning Jackpot

The Jackpot is fairly generous for a free online slot machine, paying out at 5000x when you score five crowns in a row. Even the mini-jackpot, scored by getting 5 rubies, pays out at a generous 500x.

Easy Wins, Back to Front

Even when you’re playing for free online, it’s always nice to have a slot machine that offers you a variety of ways to win. A part of the generous payout rate comes from how its lines are scored, with almost every symbol on the board having an associated payout. Additionally, all lines are pay in all directions, and the symbols neither have to start on the left or right sides nor be grouped together on a winning line.

Given the 5000x payout possibility from the jackpot, the gamble starts you off with generous 1000 tokens in free play, plenty of opportunities to get a feel for how everything works and move into confidently playing for real money.

Jackpot Jewels Slots

Going For the Big Money in the Crown Jewels Slot Game

We’ve already mentioned the high-roller option, and when you’re ready to start spinning for the big payouts, it’s just a click away. At the lower-right hand corner of the game field, there is a purple button labeled ‘high roller,’ which allows you to increase the lines you’re playing for up to the maximum €1 per line bet.

The amounts you can choose to bet are €20, €30, €40 or €50, and are bought in a series of 5 spins. Each bet involves a number of lines equal to the bet itself so that €20 bets on 20, €30 on 30, and so on.

Getting the Most from Your Gambling Experience

Jackpot Jewels Slot

The gamble is fairly straight-forward, so you don’t have the option to aim for Free Spins or any mini-game. The big wins come from one place, playing the high-roller game. In addition to being able to play on multiple lines, there’s also a slightly increased RTP during high-roller session; so you’re betting bigger for bigger and more often potential payouts.

A Few More Facts You Should Know

Being attractive to both casual players and those looking for higher stakes, the gamble has a few simple symbols to watch out for. The lowest paying ones are all drawn from a deck of cards, being 10, J, Q, K, and A. The 10, J, and Q are all counted separately; the payout of 10x, 30x, and 150x is brought by matching 3, 5, and 5 of them.

This is followed by the K and A symbols, which pay out at 20x, 50x, and 200x. Emeralds and Sapphires in Crown Jewels slot machine pay out at the same rate when compared to each other – 50x, 100x, and 400x, while the rubies payout at a whopping 500x when you get five. The biggest payout is reserved for the crowns; 5 crowns award you the big jackpot of 5000x your bet!

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While there are no special bonuses that appear as part of a spin result in, you can always enter the Hi-Roller game by clicking the purple button and betting on 20, 30, 40 or 50 lines at once! Pickmeupbingo com.

Jackpot Jewels Slot Machine

Betting Ranges

Jackpot Jewels Slot Machine

As we’ve mentioned, it is a wonderfully straightforward gamble. The basic number of lines you play with is 10, and you set the stake per line with a simple interface at the lower-left hand corner. The stake can range from €0.10 to €1.00 a line, making a maximum €10 bet in the standard play.

When you’re ready to go for a more thrilling experience, you just have to hit the purple hi-roller button which will open up the option for bigger wins! Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch the wins roll in, and that’s why Crown Gems slot machine has an Autoplay option available by pressing the big friendly red ‘Autoplay’ button at the bottom right-hand corner of the playing field. You’ll get fun, straightforward experience!