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According to gambling statistics, approximately 26% of the world’s population practice gambling. These stats aren’t really surprising since people have been gambling since time immemorial. What might differ is the motivation behind it. Some gamble as a way to escape from their problems while others do so out of sheer boredom. And then there are those who’ll be trying to score a quick buck.

Whatever the case, social or controlled gambling can be a source of entertainment and is often viewed as a recreational activity. If you’re new to the world of gambling, know that gambling is categorized into different sectors. Betting, casino, lotteries and gaming machines are just some of the examples.

But our topic of interest is between two popular forms of gambling: casino and sports betting. Are you thinking of taking up recreational gambling but not sure which one to go with between the two? In this article we discuss all you need to know about casino gambling and sports betting, what they entail, their differences. Ultimately you can decide for yourself which is better.

What is Casino Gambling and Sports Betting?

We’ll start off by explaining what exactly the two gambling disciplines entail so that you get a better understanding of the topic. We’ve established that both are forms of gambling. Also, the chances of winning in both casino gambling and sports betting are similarly stacked against bettors. But that’s pretty much as far as the similarities go.

With casino gambling, the house or establishment uses a mathematical formula against punters who are wagering for a win. However, with sports betting, punters gamble against each other by wagering on the item in question, be it a team or horse. And the odds of winning are determined by the total sum of money that’s bet on each item.

Both casino gambling and sports betting are very popular. But sports betting has been rapidly rising in popularity over the years. The reason for its popularity is probably attributed to the establishing of more racing tracks and increased televised broadcasting of sporting events.

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Difference between Casino Gambling & Sports Betting

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The main difference between casino gambling and sports gambling is best explained by discussing the methods used or betting options available. We’ll differentiate them below.

Methods/System Used

With any form of gambling, you have what are called betting options and markets. These are aimed at giving interested punters different ways to gamble to eliminate monotony in their quest to win money.

Casino Gambling

You have numerous gambling options with casino gambling. A few examples include the following:

  • Blackjack: Blackjack is a popular card game which you can either play online or at a brick and mortar casino.
  • Craps: Craps is a board game that’s also played online or physically at the casino.
  • Video Poker: This is a combination of table games and casino slots.

Casino slots are the most popular method used in casino gambling. And they make up the bulk of a casino’s income. Casino slots are machines designed to create a game of chance for punters. These slots usually feature three or five reels. Reels are the images displayed in front of the machine when you spin it.

These machines use a computer designed to generate random numbers. To win, you must line up certain combinations of symbols on the slot machine. And the less likely it is for a punter to line up the correct symbols, the higher the pay-outs from the machine.

Sports Betting

Staking is the method used in sports betting. It boils down to you calculating the correct amount of money to place on a bet in order to win. There are different strategies you can employ to increase your chances of winning. The following are the most popular staking methods you can use:

  • Betting everything: With this strategy you must bet your entire bankroll on each and every bet. The higher the risk, the higher the returns.
  • Fixed wager: In this case you bet a fixed amount and you shouldn’t vary the amount no matter how much you win.
  • Martingale: With this strategy, you double your bet after a failed bet. The idea is to cover your losses with the next bet.

However, sports betting offers even more options that you can try out depending on your interests and preferences. You must first decide on the sporting discipline you’re interested in such as football. Football is a popular sport where people bet on their favorite teams.

And with soccer, you have different wagers you can participate in such as:

  • Prop bets
  • Live wagers
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • Money lines

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100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

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100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

Star Joker

100% match bonus based on first deposit of £/$/€20+. Additional bonuses.

Advantages of Sports Betting Over Casino Gambling

In case you’re torn on whether you want to start sports betting or casino gambling, we’ll outline the advantages of each gambling form over the other so you make an informed decision. We’ll start with advantages of sports betting over casino gambling.

More Chances of Winning

While winning is by chance with all forms of gambling, you chances of winning are significantly higher with sports betting compared to casino slots. Why? As mentioned, casinos use a system which gives it an advantage known as the house edge. As a result, chances are that the casino will win most of the time.

On the other hand, because of the methods used in sports betting, you have a more realistic chance of winning. Instead of having to beat the house edge, you must simply have enough bets to win the grand prize.

But at the end of day, whether you participate in casino gambling or sports betting, winning is purely based on luck. And you have to be extremely lucky to hit the jackpot!

Long Term Profits

Because of the staking method used in sports betting, you have a higher chance of winning long term profits. But you have to be a very good better to win profits in the long run.

If you master your strategy, there’s a chance that you can win some profits on a consistent basis. The same can’t be said about casino gambling. If you lose, you lose.

Strategy is Required

Sports betting requires some degree of strategy to win. Serious sports betting doesn’t include simply picking a team and hoping for the best. You need to be at least knowledgeable of the sport in question and teams involved. This means conducting lot of research beforehand.

After your research, you have to choose a strategy from the few examples listed earlier. With time and practice, you can master your chosen strategy which can give you higher chances of winning.

Casino slots, in the case of casino gambling, require no strategy at all so your chances of winning are based on luck more than anything else. If you’re a strategist who has the time and effort to master gambling, you’re likely to be interested in sports betting.

You Can Use Software

With sports betting, aside from devising different strategies to win money, you can employ software programs to help you win. There are different software programs available to help you with arbitrating. Arbitrating is a process of betting in a manner that guarantees you profits. As a result, your chances of winning are much greater with sports betting. You don’t need to use any software when casino gambling.

More Challenging

Whether you decide on sports betting or casino gambling is determined by your personality, interests and preferences. Are you someone who craves a challenge or not? Since you need strategy and software for sports betting, it follows that if you want something more challenging you’ll probably opt for sports betting as opposed to casino gambling.

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Advantages of Casino Games Over Sports Betting

No Strategy Required

As mentioned, casino gambling—particularly casino slots—requires no strategy at all. You don’t need to conduct any research or have any previous experience to increase your chances of winning. You simply spin the reel and hope for the best. This is something you’ll appreciate if you don’t have time to dedicate towards mastering a new art.

Small Learning Curve

Since software and strategy should be employed to increase your chances of winning a sports wager, it means the discipline presents a huge learning curve. It’s possible to learn, but if you don’t have time to master different strategies, you’re placing yourself at a disadvantage.

Casino gambling, such as playing casino slots, is very quick and easy to learn. A few minutes are what you need and you can start spinning those slots.

Fewer Illusions Regarding Winning or Losing

After years of sports betting it’s easy for participants to think that the more practice they get, the higher their chances of winning. Yes, you can use strategy to increase your chances of winning, but the bottom line is that winning is based on luck. And that goes for any form of gambling.

It’s believed that most casino gamblers will win at some point unless you’re REALLY unlucky. However, your chances of making overall profit are relatively slim because of the house edge.

In this regard, it’s safe to say that casino gamblers have a more realistic perception regarding winning or losing compared to sports bettors. This is because most of them are aware of the fact that the casino usually has a house edge and tends to win all the time. As a result they are more realistic about accepting their chances of losing.

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More Bonuses and Promotions

To lure more punters, casinos usually offer more bonuses and promotions. The same can’t be said about sports betting. Bonuses and promotions are even more apparent on online gambling sites. If you don’t win the jackpot, at least you have a chance of winning a stay in a hotel suite, fine dining at an exquisite resort, or limousine ride. This is the casino’s way of not only attracting punters but ploughing back profits back to customers so they feel rewarded and continue playing.

While sport betting does offer some rewards or promotions, they are usually not as extravagant as what is seen with casinos. And in most cases, these bonuses are reserved for VIPs and not the general punter.

Larger Winnings

Casino gambling generally offers larger winnings than what you get from sports betting. If you’re very lucky, you can wind up walking away with a six or seven figure jackpot without betting much money! Sports betting doesn’t offer massive jackpots.


It doesn’t help that with certain sports betting disciplines like horse racing, applicable taxes and race track profits are first deducted from the winnings. Also, the amount won is divided among the punters who bet on the winning horse.

What to Consider Before Choosing Casino Gambling or Sports Betting

We’ll round off the review by briefly outlining factors to keep in mind when choosing either forms of gambling. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your reason behind starting gambling? Is it for the thrill or as a long term hobby? If you want the thrill and excitement associated with gambling, then opt for casino gambling.
  • What’s your skill set? Do you pride yourself in being a strategist of note? Opt for sports betting than casino gambling. Most casino games rarely require any skill set or previous knowledge on the game.
  • How much time will you be dedicating to your new hobby? If you don’t have time to invest and master the art of gambling, opt for casino gambling which is easier to learn.

Final Thoughts

Both casino gambling and sports betting have their own advantages and disadvantages. One isn’t entirely better than the other. Both can be equally entertaining and effective ways to kill time. At the end of the day, the type of gambling you pick is entirely up to you depending on your skills, personality and overall perceptions on gambling.

With that said, will you be hitting the casino slots or trying out sports betting? It’s your call.

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Chico features weaker lineups compared to other American networks; amateurs are attracted not only by the sportsbook but also by exciting and accessible bonuses and promotions. Playing with us guarantees an even bigger profit on the site.

BOL has the following permanent bonuses:

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The bonus is cleared in $10 increments for every 5,000 Comp Points (1 CP = 1 cent paid in rake); thus, FDB equals 20% rakeback.

$10,000 High Hand Weekly Leaderboard

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A weekly leaderboard rewarding players for winning/losing with strong hands. Points are awarded according to the hand involved and the stake played:

The more points you score, the higher your ranking in the leaderboard:

HandPoints for winningPoints for losing
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Four of a kind2540
Full House1525
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Players must opt-in to participate in this promotion via the “My Contests” section.

A coefficient affects the points awarded according to the stake:

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Mission Grinders


Mission Grinders is a weekly promotion that gives prizes (tickets to freeroll events) to players for completing at least three tasks that are available on the “Contests” section.

If a grinder finishes more than 3 missions, his stack in the freeroll will be larger. One monthly tournament with $4,000 GTD and four weekly events with $2,000 each are played every month.

BetOnline poker jackpots

BetOnline Jackpots

Jackpots are widely used in the gambling industry to draw the attention of fans trying to make extra money on a lucky (or unlucky hand).

Jackpot Bet Online

Bad Beat Jackpot

All NL100 (included) and higher games take part in the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion, which pays for losing with quads of two or better. The prize fund is formed by an additional fee of 10 cents for every $4 in the pot, but no more than 50 cents per hand.

The Jackpot payouts benefit all players at the table unless they were sitting out.

Boost Bad Beat Jackpot

A similar promotion applies in exclusive to fast-fold poker tables, although here the bonus is triggered if the grinders lost with a full house (AAAxx minimum).

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VIP program

Although at first sight, it may look that BOL has a regular VIP program with levels and points, such points can only be exchanged by tickets to small tournaments; at the end of the year, points are reset to zero.

But, we got our grinders covered with a special treat:

  • Private rakeback deal;

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Chico charges a traditional 5,5% rake with caps according to stakes:

Up to NL/PLO50$$1$2$2,5$3
NL/PLO500$, 1K$$1$2$3$5
  • Windfall – 7,7%;
  • МТТ – 10%;
  • SnG – 5-10%.

Our manager will give detailed information about the BOL rake structure:

Telegram: @Timofey_wpd

Skype: Contact

WhatsApp: Contact

Email: [email protected]

Chief manager


When you play at the tables you receive Comp Points, which are an indication of how much rake you have paid. Those can also be used to get tournament tickets.

Sometimes the site holds freerolls to attract new players to the site, especially during major sports events like the Super Bowl or the MLB finals. Nevertheless, we encourage our grinders to take advantage of the first deposit bonus of the site which boosts the rakeback deal.

You only need to use the links on our website to get the best rakeback deal on the market.

BOL only gives Comp Points that can be exchanged for tournament tickets only. But don’t worry, we got you there and every month you will receive an extra rakeback from us.

Also, the first deposit bonus gives 20% rakeback. Sometimes, the network offers reload bonuses that give extra rakeback too.