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High Limit Slot Wins This Week

A Dancing Drums Explosion video slot machine went boom on the Strip on Saturday night. An unidentified player hit a nearly $4 million jackpot on the machine at Bellagio. Specifically, the haul was. High school choir: Second place with a score of 90.3% This evening was an astounding testament to the hours of commitment and dedication on the part of the learners and music department. The school initially made history by having all three choirs invited to the gala evening and their achievement at the event shows how passion and hard work can.

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Back to the high limit Cleopatra slot machine by IGT!

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Although this time at $22.50 max spins, with a live play Big Win bonus! For those who aren’t familiar, the Cleopatra bonus is initiated with 3 or more scatter symbols to give you 15 free spins at 3x. Now what’s interesting is that you receive awards for two or more symbols, and where it really gets interesting is that these awards are also multiplied during the bonus! Cleopatra wild symbols also give two times any line hit, which would be six times any line hit during the bonus, with an exception made if you’re lucky enough to get 5 wild symbols on one line. To further amp it up, awards for 5-column wins are relatively high versus their 4-column win counterparts! I’ve seen some big wins on this games, and it’s likely from getting the bonus and then both a retrigger and a 5-column line hit for a great jackpot!In this video you’ll see two great line hits, although neither occurred during the bonus unfortunately. And talk about being so close with that last win- once click away from the ultimate win!

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Linda Stevenson

Did you say 2 dollar and 25 cent on your 1000 win.Tim? 🤔🤔Emotional error LOVE It 💞😉

Joe Smith

How do you afford to waste so much money in these casinos ?

Claire Pierson

i watched this again cause its my favorite


WTF was that??? You had 501 invested and only won 269..idiot

Super Win Slots High Limit

Deanie Wood

I'm glad you had fun, but this wasn't very exciting to watch - It seems you didn't even win your money back?

Patricia Ashley

Enjoyed watching your videos. Best online golf betting games. Nice hits too.

Biggest High Limit Slot Wins


Coolest win I've seen on that game Congrats

Laurie Sisson

Awesome! I enjoy watching and listening to you play. Very enjoyable!

Arizona Slot Wins

I got a jackpot on a high limit Cleopatra this last week 20.00 per spin. That's why I am here. Hoping to relive it in a way. :-D Nice job here too!

juan almirón

Quiero provar con estos juegos pero no entiendo el ingles, solo español.


High Limit Slot Wins This Week 17

Sharon Martin

I love watching your videos! You have got to be THE nicest guy ever..besides my husband of course. Congrats on your wins.

High Limit Slot Wins This Week 4

Dejavu Slots

Slot Machine Wins This Weekend

Nice win, you had a great pay before even starting the bonus lol, congrats