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Genuine Dream Catcher

Cherokee Hand Made Products Carefully Designed With Quality in Mind

Hello, I am Jasmine B. Battle, RDH, BSEd. A graduate of Clayton State College in Morrow, Georgia with an AA degree in Dental Hygiene. I graduated from The University of Georgia In Athens, Georgia with a BSED in Education. Go Bulldogs!

I am an enrolled member of the The Georgia Tribe of Eastern Cherokee.

Also, I am a USAF Veteran - served my country with honor.

NativeTech: Instructions for Dreamcatchers. Start with a 2 - 6 ft. Length of fresh Red Willow (Red Osier Dogwood), or soaked Grapevine (dried grapevine is available in the craft department of many stores) Carefully bend the vine around to form a circle with a 3 - 8 in. You decide on the diameter, but traditionally dreamcatchers are no wider than adult's hand. Geniune Native Amercian Dream Catchers & Medicine Wheels, Hand crafted by Navajo indians. All Come with a Certificate of Authenticity. On Dream Catchers -The Plains Indians say, To Use, simply hang in the window or at the head of a bed. Bad Dreams get caught in the web whilst good dreams find their way through the hole in the centre. The Bradford Exchange Wolf Art. The Bradford Exchange Wolf Art (appx. $ 80) features the animal. Traditionally, the Ojibwe construct dream catchers or “ dreamcatchers ” by stringing sinew strands in a web around a small round or teardrop-shaped frame of willow. In a way, it is roughly similar to their method for making snowshoe webbing. The resulting dream catcher, hung above the bed, is used as a charm to protect sleeping people, usually children, from nightmares.

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I design and make Authentic Cherokee Hand Made dream catchers, artifacts and other products here in the USA.

All of my products are designed with color, durability, quality and fashion in mind.

I have chosen BEST quality supplies from USA suppliers for my products so I can provide the BEST items for your enjoyment!

Genuine Dreamcatchers

I wanted to design 'different' dream catchers along with 'traditional' designs so I could express my love for color and color combinations.

When I am designing and making my dream catchers, I take into consideration: Color, Symmetry, Detail, Emotion, Thought, Motivation, Alignments, Feeling...

I Play COOL - SMOOTH JAZZ - ACOUSTIC - SOFT ROCK music when I design and sew them so that GOOD vibrations and energy is incorporated into each dream catcher. Dream Catchers are feng shui instruments that require tuning while making them so music is important in the process.

I have been asked why I use 'plastic' beads (made in the USA). I love the color. Although I do have lots of Glass beads. So, if you want glass beads, you can custom order and I will use glass beads for you.

I also offer 'custom' designs (weddings, baby showers, gender reveal, funerals) so if you need something special for a special ocassion or area of your home, simply give a convo and I will try my best to acommodate your request.

Genuine Dream Catcher Online

Each dream catcher comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attached along with The Dream Catcher Legend. On the Certificate of Authenticity is the name of the dream catcher along with the Signature of the Artist.

Genuine Dream Catcher

Due to COVID 19, we are very busy with online orders, we ask you to be patient at this time as your order may take a bit longer to make. Thank you for your understanding, Jasmine.

Disclaimer: All designs, photos and likeness are the sole property of Jasmine Battle, BSEd, Cherokee Artist and cannot be copied or reproduced without explicit written permission from Jasmine Battle, BSEd, Cherokee Artist

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Hand Made in the USA Cherokee Products

I choose the best USA supplies to construct my artistic designs. When I choose a supplier , I think about making the best purchase for the projects I am anticipating or continuing to design. Price, Quality and ability to continue to provide the supplies to me is important.

I think about the pricing of the supplies along with the quality because I want to offer a quality product to my customers along with an affordable offering.

Genuine Native-American Dream Catcher! The Real Thing!

Hoop Diameter: 4'; Length from top of hoop to bottom of feathers: Approx. 12'

These Native-American made dream catchers are made by full-blooded Navajo artisan, Randy Norcross. These dream catchers are the real thing. (Most dream catchers you find these days are made in China -- not ours.)

Dreamcatchers hair extensions

Each Dream Catcher includes a print of The Dream Catcher Legend.

Each dream catcher comes with a Certificate of Native-American Authenticity, which provides information on the Native-American artisan, including his tribal affiliation and membership number.

Our traditionally crafted, sturdy dream catchers of art are made in Arizona by the best dream catcher artists we have ever met: Navajo Artisan, Randy. Norcross. Randy uses genuine deer leather for the wrapping and double-stitches the webbing. He adorns each dream catcher with real stones and a Navajo 'ghost' Bead -- said to bring protection. He even adds a piece of real Arizona turquoise to the webbing of each dream catcher.

Authentic Dream Catcher Etsy

The 4' Hoop Diameter Dream Catcher makes a great gift for both adults and kids. It is large enough to grab attention no matter where you hang it. (Traditionally, Dream Catchers are hung in a bedroom.)

Dream Catchers For Sale

Available in Turquoise, Navy, Pink, Red, Buckskin, Tan, Brown, and White. Each Dream Catcher is individually handcrafted. Bead colors, feather lengths and stones will vary; however, you may choose the color of your dream catcher from the option choices below.