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How to use the pegs and cribbage board


The cribbage game is played with a cribbage board and crib pegs or cribbage markers. There are different types cribbage boards, but they are used the same way.

Custom Cribbage Pegs

The cribbage board will usually have the points from 1 to 120 on many lanes and a single 121 hole at the end of these. There is one lane per player and two cribbage pegs markers for each.

Cribbage Peg - Unfinished. Dimensions: Head 1/4' Diameter x 1-9/32' Tall (includes 3/4' x 3/16' Tapered Tenon). Taper runs from approximately 5/32' at the large end down to 7/64' at the small end) Fits in most standard 1/8' holes. Unfinished, no varnish, or paint. Milled from Clear Hardwood Birch. XL Deluxe Cribbage Pegs, 3-Player Set A set of nine high-quality steel cribbage pegs, plated in 3 finishes for up to 3 players—1/4' diameter fits our XL Cribbage Templates.

The cribbage pegs are used as a marker for the points on the cribbage board. One is to mark the new points and the other is for the older points value.

When adding points on the cribbage board, the player uses the peg that is behind and put it where the added points brings him. If a mistake is done, the other marker peg still shows where the last position was.

For example, the blue player is at 81 points. He counts his cribbage hand and has 3 points. He takes the peg behind the one in position 81 and put it in the hole marked 84. If the red player missed the peg and is not sure, he can see the peg still in 81 and add the 3 points to see it's fine.

Cribbage Pegs Amazon

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