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State Laws for legal Slot Machine Ownership

GAMBLING DEVICE. You must understand that using a slot machine for profit or gambling purposes is illegal and could subject you to severe penalties. Before purchasing a slot machine you must understand that every state does not allow ownership of these machines. However, we suggest that you check with your local authorities. We assume no responsibility for errors.

Pachislo machines are also know as Skill Stop, or Japanese Slot Machines. You may see that some people will advertise these as being authentic slot machines and might even state ‘Like used in Vegas’. This is not the case though it is possible to set these machines up to accept US coins, they are designed to accept tokens. The listing indicates which states these Pachislo machines are legal to operate.

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New Information: We believe there is a concern over the legalities of these Pachislo machines in the States of Colorado, California, Washington, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota and Oregon


ALASKA Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

ARIZONA Any Machine LEGAL–Pachislo OK

ARKANSAS Any Machine LEGAL, Registration Required.–Pachislo OK

CALIFORNIA 25 Years or Older or Slot Business Reg. W/DOJ

COLORADO Introduced pre-1984 or Slot Business Reg. W/DOJ


DELAWARE 25 Years or Older–Pachislo OK

FLORIDA 20 Yrs. or Older or Slot Bus. Reg. W/DOJ –Pachislo OK

GEORGIA Pre – 1950

HAWAII Any Machine PROHIBITED — Pachislo OK

IDAHO Pre – 1950 — Pachislo OK

ILLINOIS 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

INDIANA 40 Years or older — Pachislo OK (Law changed in 2012 to allow possession IC 35-45-5-3.5 Version a)

IOWA 25 Years or Older

KANSAS Pre – 1950– Pachislo OK

KENTUCKY Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

LOUISIANA 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

MAINE Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

MARYLAND 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

Free coins bcslots

MASSACHUSETTS 30 Years or Older. Poker machines & Video gaming devices of any age are legal for personal use.– Pachislo OK

MICHIGAN 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK


MINNESOTA Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

MISSISSIPPI 25 Years or Older

MISSOURI 30 Years or Older

MONTANA 25 Years or Older. Machines are not allowed to be on public premises for sale or display.


NEW HAMPSHIRE 25 Years or Older

NEW JERSEY 30 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

NEW MEXICO: We received a letter from the Gaming Control Board of New Mexico stating the following; The only gambling device that my be possessed without a license from the board is a bona fide antique device. An antique gambling device is a gambling device that is at least 25 years old, is substantially in original condition, and is not used for gambling or located in a gambling place. It is illegal to possess gambling devices otherwise, in New Mexico unless you are a distributor, manufacturer or operator licensed by the board. Champagne casino no deposit bonus fee. “This letter was dated August 2, 2000”.

NEW YORK 30 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

NEVADA Any Machine LEGAL. — Pachislo OK

NORTH CAROLINA 25 Years or Older

NORTH DAKOTA 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

OHIO Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

OKLAHOMA 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

OREGON 25 Years or Older — Pachislo OK only if the Pachislo machine is over 25 years old

PENNSYLVANIA Pre – 1941– Pachislo OK





TEXAS Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

UTAH Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

VERMONT Pre – 1954

Coins Bcslots

VIRGINIA Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

WASHINGTON 25 Years or Older– Pachislo OK

WASHINGTON D.C. Pre – 1952

WEST VIRGINIA Any Machine LEGAL– Pachislo OK

WISCONSIN 25 Years or Older

WYOMING 25 Years or Older