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Blank Playing Cards

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Pick a game card size to get started:

Buy a deck of blank playing cards for your own use such as writing on, card tricks or making your own flash cards. No minimum order required. Product code: PC12AC26-06. If you have further customization needs or simply. Plain blank cards are great for many purposes such as creating your own flash cards, creating your own prototype game cards or even for magic tricks. Our blank card decks are made from the same cardstock as those used for traditional playing cards, 300gsm smooth finish with blue core meaning the cards are non see-through. Browse blank+playing+cards on sale, by desired features, or by customer ratings.

Customizable on all cards (up to 612 per deck) on both front and back. Cards do not contain standard playing card numbers (Ace to King). Each card can be customized individually as required.


US Mini Size Game Cards

Horizontal Micro Deck Custom Blank Cards

Customizable Blank playing cards from Zazzle. Choose any design for your custom deck of cards or create your own from scratch! Teskyer Blank Playing Cards, 200 PCS, Poker Size, Linen Finish, Double Sides Blank Index Flash Cards for Writing, Drawing, DIY Game Cards Gift Cards 4.6 out of 5 stars 207 $8.42 $ 8.

Mini Card Series - Custom Cards (Blank Cards)

Small Square Custom Game Cards Deck

Custom Bridge Size Cards

Custom Bridge Size Cards (Black Border)

Custom Skat Size Cards Cribbage tips.

Custom White Border Playing Cards Poker size

Custom Black Border Playing Cards Poker Sized 2.48x3.46

Custom Game Cards (63 x 88mm)

Custom Game Card Tokens

Custom Trading Game Cards (Blue)

Personalized TCG Cards (Black)


Custom Black Border TCG Card Template (Grey)


Own Collectible Card Games Template

Trading Game Card Template (Green)


Design Your Own Game Cards (63.5 x 88.9mm)

Custom White Border Poker Sized Cards

Custom Black Border Poker Sized Cards

Custom Square 2.75 inch Game Cards

Personalized White Border Tarot Cards

Custom Blank Game Cards - Landscape (63 x 88mm)

Domino Deck Custom Blank Cards--Horizontal

Blank Card in Bridge Size – Landscape

Custom Blank Game Cards - Landscape (63.5 x 88.9mm)


or choose from our categorized designs to start personalizing:

Magic Trick Gaff Cards

(Total: 2 items)

Kickstarter Playing Cards Projects

(Total: 4 items)

If our standard cards don't fit your requirements and you have specific specifications that you need such as custom card sizes, shapes, number of cards, foil stamping, embossing, holographic, gold gilt edged, etc, we can manufacture it for you.

Game card manufacturer of over 35 years

Our custom game cards are the prefect option for designers wishing to design their own card game, custom trading cards, playing cards or collector cards which can be made using our easy-to-use online game cards maker. Choose up to 612 cards per a deck and customize each card individually on both back and front, have the same design or any combination you want. The choice is entirely up to you so you can design your cards the way you need them.

If you have a business and looking for a more innovative and a flexible way to display your product catalogue or work portfolio, our custom cards range might just be the answer.

Our color-proofing, printing and coating expertise will ensure your personalized deck is delivered to the highest standards. We have been a card game manufacturer since 1982 so whatever your needs are, we at MPC will be able to accomodate them. If your requirements are outside of our standard sizes and options available on our website, just get in contact with us with your details.

This range is blank on both sides, allowing you to fully customize both the front and back of the cards with your images / artwork.

Options for custom cards include:

  • Custom image/artwork and/or text with a choice of background colors to fill card
  • Choice of card stock materials
  • Huge range of popular standard card game sizes with rounded corners. Straight corners possible upon request.
  • Huge range of box packaging options
  • Different types of finishing to protext your prints

Usage Ideas:

  • Trading game cards, playing cards, card game, flash cards etc
  • Promotional / corporate gift
  • Product / service brochure, industry tip cards
  • Work portfolio (models, graphic designers, interior / landscape designers, fashion designers, photographers, and more)
  • Venue and catering (rooms, facilities, F&B packages)
  • Education
  • Party / wedding favors
  • Pre-event promotion / invitations
  • And more…

See video of a sample deck of custom cards

Our custom cards comes shrink wrapped as standard and comes in decks of up to 520 cards all individually customized or any way you want.

Card type:
MPC® Branded Decks:
Neat Playing Cards to Print

Are you feeling bored in the lazy afternoons of summer? Just organize a gathering of friends at home and enjoy playing a game of cards after lunch. The printable playing cards allow you to enjoy with your friends and family without requiring you to buy a pack of cards. Just download, print and start playing!

Neat Playing Cards to Print

You can print the below in A3, A4, A5 and other bigger or smaller sized sheets according to your requirements. You will find both colored and black and white pictures below. The blank templates allow you to edit and make your own custom cards. You can find an entire deck of 52 playing cards below. You will be delighted to find full-size, extra large and miniature playing cards among the printables.

Source: trollfacequest4.netSource: popisgrzegorz.comSource: goalbookapp.comSource: cdn.banijamrah.infoSource: surlespasdedartagnan.comSource: agelessmalesupplement.comSource: keywordsuggests.yadoedu.ruSource: terrapatria.orgSource: hanslodge.comSource: vsmetalsgroup.comSource: metformin.infoSource: metformin.infoSource: ficardo-weddings.comSource: g700flashlights.comSource: hanslodge.comSource: customplayingcards.comSource:

The cards can be printed in the regular inkjet, laser or any other type of printer. If you need an individual card as one is missing from your pack, we have you covered. Kids would love to put complete the coloring cards. We have also catered to various themes like Alice in Wonderland, vintage, etc. Here’s wishing you good luck with your game.

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Blank Playing Cards Printable

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Blank Playing Cards Bulk

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