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Best Online Roulette Real Money

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Your official guide into the exciting world of real money online roulette

Online Roulette Strategy. Our experts at always recommend that you practice for free as much as possible at an online casino before wagering real money. We have an entire list of casinos where you can play online roulette for free. Make sure to play sensibly and allocate a portion of your bankroll to short sessions. Play Live Dealer Roulette Online for Real Money Today You’re going to love playing live dealer roulette online. It’s all the best parts of playing in a land-based casino but from your home computer and mobile devices. The well-knowledged, professional croupiers make the game a breeze for anyone.

Welcome to Slots of Vegas online casino, the best collection of online casino games in the whole of Sin City! Here you’ll discover our in-depth guide to one of the world’s most popular casino games – online roulette. We’ll talk you through the origins of the game, what the odds and paytables mean, and our useful tips and tricks for boosting your chances of winning.

Our comprehensive guide will help you delve into the exciting world of online roulette, help you get familiar with the rules of the game, and give you the tools and knowledge you need for beating the house edge. We’ll also be talking you through other factors to consider when playing online roulette for real money, including the different variations and formats of the game, bonuses and promotions which you are able to redeem here at Slots of Vegas, as well some inspiring stories from our real money roulette winners!


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Best Online Roulette Real Money

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Though the origins of roulette are not 100% defined in the history books, the very first incarnation of roulette, aka “the little wheel” was thought to be invented by a 17th century French mathematician and scientist called Blaise Pascal. He was working on a perpetual motion machine at the time, but his attempts constantly failed. What emerged from his efforts instead, was the bi-product of a spinning wheel which was based on the theory of mathematical probability. There was nothing on record about this previously, and Pascal’s discovery became widely recognized as a formula to calculate cycloids involving the rolling of wheels. It also earned him the unsanctioned title as the founder of roulette.

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Best Online Roulette Money

Fast-forward to 18th century France: roulette had spread in popularity and became a feature in many casinos; however, the game had undergone a slight makeover by that point. The zero pockets were now marked in green, as players were losing bets by betting on red or black when the zero pockets were the same color has the other pockets. By 1837, the game was banned altogether, which led to the golden era of German casino establishments in Bad Homburg. In 1843, 2 French brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc altered the game to exclude the double zero from the wheel, and this was the version which could be found in most casinos throughout Europe.

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When roulette made its way over to America, the double zero was re-introduced, which took the number of pockets up to 37. This change to the game is what made the house edge drastically increase from the current 2.70% to a whopping 5.26%. This is also the version of the game which saw many cheaters, and its layout was later redesigned and simplified to remove this possibility. Soon, it was the American version of roulette which was being played in gambling dens across the globe.

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By the 20th century, the number of legitimate casinos hadn’t quite taken off yet, and the only 2 places in the world where you could play roulette were the Monte Carlo Casino (with the single zero pocket), and Las Vegas with the American zero pocket. By the 1970s however, casinos began popping up across the globe, and even tribal gaming establishments were seen offering roulette and their variants as part of their game collections.

Best Online Roulette Real Money

Best Online Roulette For Real Money Australia

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By the mid-90s, when the evolution of internet-based casinos were on the rise, many online operators began offering roulette. InterCasino was recorded as the first of these to make their mark in the online gambling industry in 1996. At which point, you could play French, European or American roulette day or night, and from any location where online gaming was legal. Now, in present day, roulette and its various formats can be played for real money, from the comfort of your own home, complete with a live dealer. And it’s still considered one of the most played casino games in both land-based and online casinos throughout the entire world.

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